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Forecast for 2019: Bitcoin price will reach new all-time highs, Ripple XRP may become number one, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV will fad


The year 2018 left a bitter aftertaste for many investors who, after the hype of 2017, entered the world of cryptocurrencies. Last year, we saw one of the strongest moves in the history of Bitcoin, Ripple XRP and other coins as the market fell from over $ 800 billion to less than $ 150 billion in total capitalization. However, 2019 promises much, not only in terms of market capitalization, but also in terms of the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In an article published yesterday by Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, the team of the well-known risk assessment firm outlined its forecast for Bitcoin, Ripple XRP and other crypto currencies. Weiss Ratings emphasized that despite the disastrous price slump, blockchain technology has made great progress .

Apart from price forecasts, Weiss Ratings shared with subscribers seven technological predictions for crypto and blockchain technologies. Most of them are pretty positive. The summary looks like this:

Forecast # 1: Bitcoin is increasingly being used as value store

For the analyst team, Bitcoin's features enable easy, secure and efficient storage and transfer of value between individuals. Currently, the team believes that there is no competition in this regard which Bitcoin can beat. That's why Bitcoin is on the way to becoming a true digital gold.

Forecast # 2: Bitcoin's price will rise again and reach new all-time highs

For this Weiss used the same arguments as the expert Stacy Herbert some time ago, without mentioning a specific price target. In essence, Bitcoin may be able to substitute the SWIFT system for international payments. This Bitcoin would also compete with Ripple XRP and Stellar. In all previous periods, Bitcoin also experienced a strong recovery after a downtrend, as technology has greatly increased in these times.

“Bitcoin is set to rise to a new all-time high in 2019, just as it did after the earlier bear markets.”

Forecast # 3: Selected legacy coins will increase 20 times their current price

Once Bitcoin's course has picked up speed, selected Altcoins will gain ground and increase their acceptance. Weiss Ratings assumes that this will not be the case by the bank as in 2017. Instead, the winners will be few coins “with superior technology.”

> Forecast # 4: A group of cryptocurrencies will fight to build a new kind of Internet

The Weiss Team said that projects like EOS, Cardano (ADA) and Holochain (HOT) could contribute to the development of a new paradigm on the Internet. Smaller coins with similar objectives would fail.

Forecast # 5: Another selected group of cryptocurrencies will disrupt the banking world

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings believes that Ripple XRP and Stellar will play a leading role in optimizing and renewing the traditional banking system.

The team is also confident that Ripples XRP could become the world's leading cryptocurrency.

Forecast # 6: Bitcoin me-too-coins will disappear

This may be the only negative prediction in the list. The team was particularly critical of some Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. They called this virtually unusable:

“Many cryptocurrencies will disappear for the simple reason that they bring virtually nothing new to the table. Even in the top 10, several of them fit into this description, including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin. There is no innovative use case for them. They will probably fade over time. “

Forecast # 7: New crypto currencies move up into the top 10

The Weiss Team believes that the current top 10 list will change according to market capitalization. New players like Holochain, Hedera Hashgraph and other cryptocurrencies, which are not popular at the moment, will be part of the Top 10.

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