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Four directors of parent company of cryptocurrency exchange agent Bitgate arrested for loss compensation charges

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On the 20th, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, which financed about 64 million yen in losses of 8 customers, with 4 persons, including Mr. Yasuhiro Hayashi (58), director of Togo Securities Co., Ltd., which owns both of the cryptocurrency exchanges The Asahi Shimbun has reportedly arrested him for suspicion of the Commodity Trading Law violation (loss compensation) .

Yasuhiro Hayashi is a former Yomiuri Giants professional baseball player, who joined the drafter in 1979 as a pitcher.

According to the announcement, Mr. Hayashi will compensate for about 69 million yen in total for the eight customers who lost losses in foreign exchange margin trading (FX) from July 2016 to January this year. It is said that there is a suspicion.

According to officials, Hayashi had denied charges for any hearing before his arrest.

Hayashi is the representative director of Togo Securities’s parent company, and the Tokusatsu department appears to have managed Togo Securities substantially.

Article Source: Asahi Shimbun

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