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Gifu prefectural police seized a cryptocurrency of a man who was behind with a parking charg


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Collection Gifu prefectural police on May 9, from 20s men of Nagoya occupation unknown that had been delinquent parking violation gold, seized the equivalent of about 400,000 yen a virtual currency, the arrears total of about 24,000 yen a violation gold Announced it was Collection is eight days .

According to the prefectural police, there are cases in Hyogo and Saitama prefectural police that seized cryptocurrency in connection with parking violations in the past .

According to the contents of the Gifu prefectural police announced, men in August 2014, and parking violation in Gifu city on the street, had been delinquent violations gold 15,000 yen.

The prefectural police sent reminders 14 times, visited homes, etc. , and asked for guidance for nearly five years, but because he did not respond, he seized the cryptocurrency that a man had deposited with a cryptocurrency exchange company .

It is said that men could not confirm any property other than cryptocurrency .

The Act on Funds Settlement was amended in April 2017, and the cryptocurrency was subject to foreclosure as the cryptocurrency was recognized as legal property (Article 2.5 of the Funds Settlement Act).

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