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Google partners with ChainLink What is “Hybrid DApps” in blockchain and cloud?

We announced that Google has integrated ChainLink’s technology for developing and delivering Oracle Smart Contracts into our BigQuery data service .

ChainLink is developing technology for establishing an API with an external system based on the Ethereal block chain, and this time jointly developed with Google a technology that can request BigQuery data from Etheriam .

BigQuery handles major public chain data such as Bitcoin and Ethereal, and this is the purpose of promoting development of revolutionary DApps using such cloud data .

How ChainLink mediates service requests from Etheriam to Google Cloud

Google gives some examples of ” Hybrid DApps ” that leverage BigQuery cloud data via ChainLink.

One is the creation of a ” prediction market ” that uses such Google data as a source. While many blockchain platforms are competing for survival, there are cases where it is predicted which platform actually survives based on DApps active user data provided by BigQuery.

Also, by applying the same idea, DApps developers can develop futures, option contracts, etc. to hedge the gas price soar .

Furthermore, “Submarine transmission”, which does not disclose the existence of transactions until a specified date, has been able to specify only up to 256 blocks (about 1 hour) until now, using a ChainLink Oracle to a more practical period It is said that it will be possible to extend it.

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