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Hackers attack the Ethereum Wallet “MyEtherWallet” again: Chrome extension affected


MyEtherWallet was again victim of a hacking attack. Target of the attack was the browser extension “Hola”. The accounts of an unknown number of users were unprotected during the attack.

MyEtherWallet is known as a JavaScript-based wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Recently, MyEtherWallet announced that it had bypassed the safety precautions of its Chrome extension Hola. This caused a gap of five hours during which the users of the network were unprotected.

MyEtherWallet warned users immediately

When the multinational web service became aware of the attack, they immediately posted a warning to users on Twitter. They were asked to transfer their funds immediately to protect them from hacking. So the company wrote:

“Urgent! If you've installed the Chrome extension Hola and used MyEtherWallet in the last 24 hours, please immediately transfer your deposits to a brand new account! “

Later, the company added:

“We received a message suggesting that the Chrome browser extension Hola was hacked for about 5 hours. During this time, the hackers should have tracked your [user's] activity. “

In response, many observers advised buying a hardware wallet.

One of the largest Ethereum Wallets with over 50 million users

Hola is a so-called “browser extension”, so an extension for the Google Chrome browser. This extension makes MyEtherWallet available to all users of its wallet free of charge. The extension should simplify the use of MyEtherWallet. Currently, the MyEtherWallet platform has a user base of 50 million people. The attack apparently allowed the hackers to spy on the accounts of the users who actively used the service during the attack period. However, as MyEtherWallet said, only users who used the extension within the last 24 hours before the attack should be affected. The activities of users who did not use the extension were not endangered. There is no suspicion of follow-up, said the company.

In addition, the company said that the attack was apparently carried out via a Russian IP.

Next explained MyEtherWallet:

“User safety [from MyEtherWallet] is our priority. We want to remind our users that we do not store their personal information. This also includes passwords, so our users can be sure that the hackers could not see this information if their users did not interact with the Chrome extension Hola over the past day. “

Earlier this year MyEtherWallet had to endure another hacking attack. Ethereum was stolen from users worth over $ 150,000. This was preceded by a DNA attack. The attack was detected within 15 minutes.

The company did not report how many accounts were directly affected by the current attack. Also unknown is the level at which damage has occurred.

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