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How to register and use the exchange Bitforex Summary! Comment up on account opening / trading method

BitForex (Bit Forex) is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that also ranks in the world’s exchange ranking.

The headquarters is located in Singapore and has operation teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. It is used by more than 86 countries.

We only offer cash transactions. A cryptocurrency FX, margin transactions etc. are not provided by sales outlets such as easy trading and futures trading.

This page summarizes such BitForex registration method , security setting , asset management , how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and so on.

If you read this , even those who are new to the first person or overseas exchanges can immediately open an account and use BitForex!

Thorough explanation of how to register BitForex · account opening!

Let’s start by registering with BitForex’s site.

New registration · Account creation is very easy

How to register BitForex

Proceed with registration from “Sign up” at the upper right of the screen.

Account creation for BitForex

Let’s enter necessary information.

“Code” will be delivered to the mailbox after entering the mail address and clicking “Send”.

About password
Let’s set the password to be complicated. Please do not use your name or birth date even if you make a mistake. It is recommended to use the password generation site.

BitForex authentication

Click the numbers displayed in the upper right from the left in order. Registration is complete.

BitForex Security Settings

Let’s click on it because the deposit or trade button is displayed.

When you log in for the first time, security setting is required.

If you set firmly here, you can use the service at ease afterwards.

Once you do postpone it will tend to postpone it slurp, so be sure to set it at the first login timing.

Let’s set up 2 step authentication with SMS authentication and Google Authenticator

Let’s advance security setting.

BitForex offers two 2-step authentication, SMS authentication and Google Authenticator.

Let’s check how to set each.

BitForex's SMS authentication

First is SMS authentication. Let’s click “Bind” of “Bind Phone”.

BitForex's SMS settings

Complete the authentication by entering necessary information.

About telephone number
If it is a number “080 – 1234 – 5678”, set it to “+ 81 – 80 – 1234 – 5678”.

Two-step authentication setting of BitForex

Let’s proceed with authentication with Google Authenticator.

From the same screen as SMS authentication setting page click “Bind” of “Google Authenticator”.

2FA setting of BitForex

Read the QR code Let’s check and verify the authentication code with the application. You will also need to enter a mail authentication code.

Also, be sure to back up this QR code with a screenshot etc.

I can not log in to my account again when I switch off my smartphone model or the application.

People who have not installed the application yet
  • Google Authenticator (Appstore)
  • Google Authenticator (GooglePlay)

BitForex is available without identity verification

BitForex does not require identification by passport or driver’s license.

Trading is possible only by e-mail address.

Also, there is no withdrawal limit due to the presence or absence of identity confirmation.

Let’s remember how to manage assets in BitForex

Let’s see how we manage assets next.

The procedure of deposit / withdrawal is very easy.

Explain how to deposit (how to remit money to BitForex)

How to deposit money to BitForex

To deposit money to BitForex, select “Deposit” from the menu in the upper right.

How to transfer money to BitForex

Please select the currency you would like to deposit from “Please choose a Token”.

BTC address of BitForex

The receipt address of BitForex is displayed.

Let’s proceed with receipt by pasting “QR code reading” or “copy” from an exchange or wallet as the remittance source.

Let’s check the type of cryptocurrency / cryptocurrency to receive correctly. Also, when remitting a large amount of money, it is recommended to remit from a small amount on a test basis.

Explain how to withdraw money (how to remit money from BitForex)

How to withdraw from BitForex

Deposit will go from “Withdraw” on the left sidebar of the same screen as Deposit.

Let’s select the currency you would like to withdraw from “Please choose a Token”.

How to remit money from BitForex

When BTC is selected, it will be like a picture.

Let’s specify the withdrawal address and withdrawal quantity. Since a mail authentication code is required, after you input, click “Submit” to complete withdrawal.

When sending money also send · Please make sure you do not mistype the type of cryptocurrency you receive.

Learn how to use for trading and view of trading screen / chart screen!

Next let’s check about the trade screen for trading and how to use the chart.

If you remember so far, you can use BitForex as much as you want.

How to use BitForex

To do a transaction, click “Token Trading” in the upper left corner, and proceed to the transaction screen.

Introducing chart view and useful functions!

BitForex chart

Here is the transaction screen. Mainly select the currency you wish to trade on the currency pair on the left side, switch over the chart at the center of the screen and use it.

The chart is a high-performance chart “TradingView” adopted by many exchanges.

BitForex chart functions

The chart has useful features.

For example clicking the candlestick icon can change the display of line charts, bar charts, etc. in addition to candlesticks.

BitForex Chart Indicator

By clicking an icon like a graph, you can set display of various technical indicators and indicators.

Detailed detailed function of BitForex chart

You can change the display and background color by right clicking on the chart screen.

It is also possible to change the time zone.

Very easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Finally it is about buying and selling cryptocurrency in BitForex.

Transactions in BitForex are limited to “Limit Order”.

How to sell and buy at BitForex

If you are buying (Buy), enter the desired purchase amount and purchase desired quantity on the left side of the screen and click the green button.

On the other hand, if you are selling (Sell), enter the desired amount for sale and quantity to be sold on the right side of the screen and click the red button.

Begin cryptocurrency trading with BitForex!


We have summarized asset management and transaction method from BitForex registration method.

BitForex is still few users in Japan, but it is one of the exchanges globally gaining attention.

There are promising tokens that we do not deal with elsewhere, and there are a lot of attractions that you can trade without confirming your identity.

Please secure secure with two-step verification and enjoy transactions with BitForex!

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