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How to register and use the exchange OKEx Summary! Comment from account opening up to initial setting

OKExの登録方法と使い方  - okex ec

OKEx is an overseas cryptocurrency exchange that boasts the top class transaction volume in the world, along with Binance and Huobi.

It is possible to trade various virtual currencies including proprietary exchange token OKB and Japanese users are also using it a lot.

This page explains how to register such OKEx, 2-step certification , asset management, how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, etc.

If you read this , even those who are not familiar with overseas exchanges can easily open an account with OKEx and do cryptocurrency trading!

Completely describe OKEx’s registration method and account opening method!

Let’s check about how to register OKEx immediately.

First of all, I will access the official website of OKEx and create a new account.

Even if you do not understand English, there is no problem if you advance according to the explanation!

New registration · Account creation is very easy

OKEx registration  - okex1

Registration is proceeding from ” Sign Up ” in the top right corner of the top page.

Although the news list on the TOP page has changed depending on the time, basically there is a button of “Sign UP” in the upper right corner.

OKEx new account  - okex2

Enter your email address, password, and code to create an account.

Password must be powerful
Let’s use not only OKEx but also a strong password for exchanges. You can easily create complex passwords on the password generation site.

OKEx account opening  - okex3

You can obtain “Code” necessary for account creation by entering a mail address and clicking “Get code”.

Let’s check the mailbox after clicking the button.

OKEx Initial Login  - okex4

It is the screen after login. You can view the cryptocurrency dealing tutorial, so if you want it, click “I ‘m a beginner” on the left.

By the way OKEx does not correspond to Japanese, so the content of the tutorial also needs attention.

Let’s also set up 2 step verification of SMS and Google Authenticator

Next is the account security setting.

OKEx has 2 step certification of SMS and Google Authenticator.

Let’s set each as soon as possible!

OKEx 2-step verification  - okex5

The security setting is done from the menu of the user name in the upper right of the screen.

Let’s proceed with setting by clicking “Security”.

OKEx Security  - okex6

First, set up SMS authentication.

Let’s proceed with setting from “Settings” on the right side of the screen.

OKEx SMS authentication  - okex7

For the SMS authentication code, enter the phone number and click “Get code”, the code reaches the mobile phone, so enter the received code.

After the mail code also clicks the button, the code reaches the already registered mail address.

Complete the setting by filling in the necessary information and clicking “Confirm”.

OKEx GoogleAuthenticator  - okex8

Then proceed with setting up Google Authenticator .

Let’s click “Settings” of Google Authenticator from this security setting screen this time.

OKEx 2 step verification application  - okex9

If you have not already installed the application of Google Authenticator, let’s download iOS or Android application from barcode ①.

If installed, read barcode ② as it is.

After reading, enter the code displayed in the application and the SMS authentication code and click “Confirm”.

This completes setting up 2-step authentication with Google Authenticator.

[Required] Cancel your withdrawal limit by verifying your identity

level Withdrawal limit conditions
Level 0 0 BTC No identity verification
Level 1 2 BTC / 24 h Name · Passport number
Level 2 Address information etc. 100 BTC / 24 h

We will then verify your identity. There are three stages of identity verification in all, Withdraw (withdraw) can be done by confirming.

Always confirm your identity confirmation before starting trading.

OKEx identity confirmation  - okex10

Identity verification is done from the user name menu on the upper right of the screen, just like Security.

Let’s proceed with setting from “Verification”.

OKEx passport  - okex11

For Level 1, enter the nationality, name and passport number.

Let’s be careful not to make a mistake because you will upload passport photos with Level 2 setting.

When input is completed, click “Confirm”.

OKEx identity verification level 2  - okex12

In Level 2 we will enter basic identity confirmation information.

Level 2 is arbitrary, so if you do not withdraw more than 2 BTC per day it is okay to go through.

OKEx Address  - okex13

I will continue to enter address information. It is caution that it will be written in English.

OKEx license  - okex14

Finally upload the passport and license photos.

The application for confirming the identity of Level 2 has been completed so far.

Let’s wait for the identity confirmation after the review of 1 or 2 days, the completion is coming.

Learn how to manage assets with OKEx

Then, we will actually confirm how to manage assets and transactions with OKEx.

Although it is all in English notation, since it is only simple English, it should get used to it soon.

Explain how to deposit (how to remit to OKEx)

OKEx Deposit  - okex15

Payment is made from the menu on the top right account.

After displaying the menu, let’s click “Depost”.

OKEx Deposit  - okex16

After selecting Token such as BTC, deposit, copy Deposit address (payment address) and make payment from another exchange etc.

Please be careful not to make a mistake in the type of cryptocurrency to be deposited, the type of cryptocurrency to remit.

Explain how to withdraw money (how to remit money from OKEx)

OKEx withdrawal  - okex17

We will also make a withdrawal from the same account menu as for deposit.

When withdrawing please click “Withdraw”.

OKEx FundPassword  - okex18

At the time of first withdrawal, you will be asked to set “Fund Password” to use for transactions and withdrawals.

Let’s proceed with the setting from “Set up” as shown in the image.

Also, if you have not set up Level 1 identity verification and 2 step authentication, you need to set up before disbursing.

OKEx withdrawal 2-step verification  - okex19

After entering the password, enter the application authentication code of Google Authenticator, and the setting is completed.

OKEx Withdraw  - okex20

It will be a confirmation screen to show that three settings required for Withdraw have been completed, so proceed with withdrawal as it is.

OKEx remittance  - okex21 1

Let’s enter the cryptocurrency to be withdrawn, the address of the withdrawal destination and the withdrawal amount and click “Submit” at the end.

The withdrawal application is now complete.

Learn how to use for trading and how to view the trading screen / chart screen!

Let’s look at trade screens for dealing with OKEx and how to view charts.

If you remember so far, OKEx will be able to freely make cryptocurrency trading!

Introducing chart view and useful functions!

How to use chart  - okex22 1

The chart can be viewed by clicking “Token Trading” at the top of the screen.

From trading “USDT”, “BTC”, “ETH”, or “OKB” let’s choose the currency you want to base.

If you select each, the search box on the left will switch, so please search the currency you want to trade.

OKEx chart  - okex23 1

You can select the currency you want the chart to display from the menu on the left.

As the chart is displayed in the red frame on the right side, let’s check it.

Very easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

The trading is done on the right side of the screen on the chart screen.

Here, we will recommend commentary using the transaction screen of BTC / USDT as an example.

How to buy OKEx  - okex24 1

Buy from “Buy BTC”.

In OKEx you can use Trigger order , Trail order , Iceberg OrderTime-weighted average price (TWAP) as special orders in addition to Limit and Market .

For beginners, let’s get used to using Limit (limit) and Market (OK) in OKEx.

If it is the most favorable limit price transaction, after selecting Limit Order, if you select a combination of price and number of sheets from the selling board on the right side, the rate / number of sheets will be entered automatically.

Let’s fine-tune the rate (Price) you want to trade and the number of pieces you want to trade (Amount).

Finally clicking ” Buy BTC ” will complete sending the order.

OKEx transaction  - okex25 1

One sells from “Sell BTC”.

The basic usage is the same as when buying.

Enter the transaction price and number of transactions and press Sell BTC and the order will be sent.

Let’s use OKEx, a popular overseas exchange!

OKEx logo  - okex logo 1

OKEx is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges with Binance and others.

There are abundant handling currencies, transaction volumes, futures and leveraged transactions are fulfilling, and popularity and functionality are also abundant.

When starting transactions, let’s make sure that you have set up 2-step verification and identity verification properly and use it safely.

By becoming familiar with OKEx, the breadth of cryptocurrency trading spreads widely!

Summary of OKEx summary

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