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[How to register DMM Bitcoin] Commentary from deposit and withdrawal to how to buy and sell

DMM bitcoin (DMM bitcoin) is a domestic cryptocurrency exchange that supports leverage trading as well as bitcoin and altocoin sales offices and exchanges.

Other stocks than Bitcoin, such as Etherium and Ripple, can be leveraged at a fixed rate of 4 times.

This page explains how to register for such DMM Bitcoin and how to use it.

If you read this, you can open an account for DMM Bitcoin, and you will be able to buy and sell virtual coins such as Bitcoin right away!

If you are wondering what to use, please register this as an opportunity.

We thoroughly explain registration method, account opening method of DMM bitcoin (DMM Bitcoin)!

First of all, let’s confirm the registration method and account opening method of DM Bitcoin.

Even if you are the first time uneasy, it is described with an image so that you can register without problems.

DMM bitcoin my page registration procedure

First of all, please access the official website of DMM Bitcoin and click “Open Account” in the upper right of the screen.

DMM bitcoin

“Account Opening” Click to switch to the image-like screen, so enter your email address here.

After entering your email address, check “I’m not a robot” below the entry field and click “Agree and Register”.

Be sure to check “Handling of personal information” before clicking “Agree and register”.

DMM bitcoin

A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address, so please click the link in the email.

Click on the link to move to the password setting screen. After entering your password, click on “Send”.

This completes my page registration for DMM bitocoin.

password setting
Use a password that can not be easily broken by using a password generation site. It is recommended to create generated passwords in Excel etc.

DMM bitcoin account opening procedure

DMM bitcoin

When you click “Login” in the upper right corner of the top page of DMM bitcoin, you will be prompted to enter your registered email address and password like an image.

Enter the email address and password you set earlier.

After entering, check “I’m not a robot” and click “Send”.

DMM bitcoin

When you log in to My Page, you will be prompted to register this account.

Click on “Perform Account Registration” to proceed with registration.

DMM bitcoin

First of all, check the contents in the upper row, then check each one and agree.

DMM bitcoin

Next, enter basic information and personal information such as names and addresses.

Please enter the same information as the identification document submitted later. If the content is different, you can not register normally.

DMM bitcoin

It is safe to enter your occupation and asset information honestly.

DMM bitcoin

There is no problem with honestly entering information such as investment experience.

After completing the entry, click the “Subscribe” button at the bottom of the page.

DMM bitcoin

Next, upload your identity verification documents.

After selecting the type of identity verification document to be uploaded, please select and upload the file.

Driver’s license and passport are available.

DMM bitcoin

When uploading of personal identification documents is completed, it will move to SMS certification.

Click “Publish Code” to send a short message to your mobile phone.

Enter the code sent to the mobile phone in the “6 digit authentication code” field.

After that, when you click “Authorize”, SMS authentication is complete.

Let’s remember how to manage assets with DMM bitcoin

Once you know how to register DMM Bitcoin, let’s keep in mind how to manage assets.

With DMM Bitcoin, you can deposit and withdraw money from the Japanese yen, and deposit and withdraw from the cryptocurrency.

The layout of the management page is relatively easy to read and can be used with confidence by even beginners of cryptocurrency trading, so it’s not so difficult!

DMM Bitcoin Asset Management
  • Deposit Japanese yen
  • Withdraw Japanese yen
  • Deposit cryptocurrency
  • cryptocurrency withdrawal

Commentary on how to deposit Japanese yen

DMM bitcoin

To deposit Japanese yen into DMM bitcoins, after logging in to My Page, click the “Payment / receipt” button at the bottom of the top screen.

DMM bitcoin

Click Japanese Yen Deposit (Quick Deposit or Bank Transfer).

The difference between the two deposit methods is as follows.

  • Quick deposit … deposit from more than 1,000 partner netbanks
  • Bank transfer … normal payment

Quick payment is basically recommended because it is free of charge if it is quick payment.

However, it is necessary to open an account at the internet bank with which you have partnered in advance.

With bank transfer, it may take several days to complete payment, so use it systematically.

DMM bitcoin

Here we will explain the procedure for quick deposit. Enter the bank name and the amount to be deposited from the list.

Please click on “Start deposit procedure” after completing the entry.

DMM bitcoin

Click “Log in to a financial institution”.

After that, proceed to the remittance procedure as it will connect to the partner’s internet bank site.

Once the remittance procedure is complete, payment to DM Bitcoin is complete.

Commentary on how to withdraw Japanese yen

DMM bitcoin

There is a menu bar on the left side of the top screen of My Page.

If the procedure for withdrawal (delivery) of Japanese yen, select “Discharge / Discharge” from the menu bar and click it.

Then, the item “Japanese yen withdrawal” will be displayed, so let’s select this.

DMM bitcoin

Click “here” at the top of the screen to enter your bank account information.

After that, enter the amount in the field of withdrawal amount and click “Apply for withdrawal” to complete the application.

Explain how to deposit cryptocurrency (How to send money to DMM Bitcoin)

DMM bitcoin

If you want to deposit cryptocurrency into DMM Bitcoin, click “BTC Receipt” or “ETH Receipt” from the menu bar on My Page.

Only BTC · ETH can receive money
Only Bitcoin and Ethereal can deposit in cryptocurrency. You can do leverage trading in other currencies but you can not do physical trading.

DMM bitcoin

Send to or receive money from other cryptocurrency trading accounts by scanning the QR code to the displayed address.

Even so, please be careful not to confuse the type of cryptocurrency to be remitted and the type of cryptocurrency to be received.

Explain how to withdraw cryptocurrency (How to send money from DMM Bitcoin)

DMM bitcoin

To deposit bitcoins etc. to DMM bitcoins, select “Payment / Discharge” from the menu bar of My Page and open the item.

Let’s choose “BTC issue” or “ETH issue” in it.

DMM bitcoin

From top to bottom

  • Remittance address
  • Number of withdrawals (number of sheets to be withdrawn)
  • Purpose of leaving goods
  • Authentication code (SMS authentication code)

Enter the.

The SMS authentication code will be sent to the registered SMS when you click “issue code”, so enter that code.

DMM bitcoin

When all items have been entered and selected, click on “Send”.

This completes the application for issue of cryptocurrency.

Let’s master how to read and use the trading screen and chart screen of DMM bitcoin (DMM bitcoin)!

DMM bitcoin’s trade and chart screens are very simple in design, making it easy for both cryptocurrency trading beginners and experienced users.

Let’s check the functions while actually looking at the screen.

Introduce the view of the chart and the usable functions!

DMM bitcoin

Scroll down the top page of My Page to see the cryptocurrency rates.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to check the chart.

DMM bitcoin

When selected, the chart and the current transaction price will be displayed.

It is a little different from the Tradingview Chart, so it may be a bit harder to use if you are familiar with charts.

The range of the chart can also be changed from minutes to days, weeks, and months, so it is recommended that you first touch it a lot.

Explain how to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Finally, let’s check the procedure of buying and selling cryptocurrency .

With DMM Bitcoin, you will be buying and selling cryptocurrency in the sales office format.

Remember that you can not trade in the exchange format with an order board.

DMM bitcoin

To open the cryptocurrency trading screen, click the “Start Trading” button on the left side of My Page.

DMM bitcoin

The transaction screen (separate screen) is displayed. Click the “Menu” tab at the top left of the page.

Please open the tab and click on “Kinds”.

When making a leverage transaction, select the “leverage transaction” item, but for beginners, it is recommended that you start with a physical transaction.

DMM bitcoin

After entering the quantity to buy or sell, click “Bid” or “Ask”.

Because you can buy and sell with one touch from the amount input, you can trade without missing the timing of buying and selling.


We summarized how to register DMM bitcoin (bitcoin) and its basic usage .

Proceeding as described here, you should be able to smoothly register, open an account, deposit, trade, and withdraw.

The procedure itself will be completed soon, so please register early so as not to miss the emergency.

DMM Bitcoin has a particularly good reputation for your app, so if you’re registered, make sure you know how to use the app!

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Basic information of DMM bitcoin
Company site https://terms.dmm.com/
Operating company Joint company DMM.com
Street address Sumitomo Real Estate Roppongi Grand Tower, 24 floor, 3-1-2 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo
Chief executive officer Kameyama Keiji
Capital 10 million yen
Establishment November 17, 1999

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