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How to register / how to use ZB.com! Let's use popular overseas exchanges

ZB.com ( Gibby.com ) is a cryptocurrency exchange in China that opened in November 2017.

It is becoming a popular exchange that is always in the top ranking in Coinmarketcap’s trading volume ranking.

Even if it is a popular place, it is uneasy whether overseas exchanges can register properly, can be successfully used … is it?

So we will introduce asset management method and transaction method such as deposit from ZB.com registration method .

As you can understand overseas exchanges successfully or you can understand even those who are uneasy , I will explain using images, please try it!

Completely describe ZB.com’s registration method and account opening method!

Let’s first check the registration method in order.

We will go to ZB.com’s site and proceed with registration.

Those who have opened an account, please check the security setting method of ZB.com and how to use ZB.com.

New registration · Account creation is very easy

ZB.com is not fully compatible with Japanese.

For that reason, let’s select the most understandable English and proceed with registration.

Continue registration from “Sing up” in the upper right.

Fill in the necessary items and let us complete the registration.

Although registration has been completed so far, it is still in this state that payment restrictions etc have not yet been applied.

I will verify my identity in order to cancel this.

About password setting
Let’s set the password to be hard to decipher using a password generation site etc. It is considerably dangerous to set your date of birth and name.

[Required] Cancel the withdrawal limit by confirming the identity

With ZB.com you can cancel your withdrawal limit by verifying your identity.

If you do not verify your identity, you can not withdraw money at all and let’s go ahead of time.

Identity verification is done from “Identity Verification” in the upper right menu.

Since I am Japanese nationality, please click “Verify” of “I am a user outside of mainland China”.

Please enter necessary information such as name, passport ID, upload your passport photo and confirm your identity.

Also, you must enter the address and name in English.

Please see here for how to enter the address in English.

Let’s also set up basic security settings (2 step verification setting)

Continue to advance security settings.

We will set up two steps of SMS authentication and Google Authenticator. First of all, let’s proceed from the menu in the upper right from SMS authentication.

Let’s enter necessary items and make settings.

In setting, you need to input two authentication codes, which are received by SMS and arrive at already registered mail address.

Let’s also authenticate with Google Authenticator.

Select Google Authenticator from the sidebar of the SMS-authenticated page.

Register the authentication code displayed and displayed in Google Authenticator application and the authentication code sent to the mail and complete the setting.

About backup
Let’s save the QR code of 2 step verification by taking a screenshot etc. It will not be possible to deal with when changing the type of smartphones or turning off the application.

Let’s remember how to manage assets at ZB.com

Let’s see how we manage assets next.

The procedure of deposit / withdrawal is very easy.

Procedure of deposit / withdrawal
  • Procedure of deposit
  • Procedure of Withdrawal

Explain how to deposit (how to send money to ZB.com)

We do payment from the menu “FUNDING” at the top of the screen.

When you move from “FUNDING” to “Deposits”, the deposit screen will be displayed.

When you select the currency you want to deposit, the receipt address of ZB.com will be displayed, so let’s proceed with depositing by “QR code reading” or “copy” from the remitting exchange or wallet.

Explain how to withdraw money (how to remit money from ZB.com)

Next is the procedure of withdrawal. To withdraw money, select “Withdrawals” from the sidebar of the deposit screen.

After selecting the currency you would like to withdraw and then specifying the withdrawal address and withdrawal quantity, you can not withdraw money like a capture unless you can verify your identity.

Let’s first withdraw money after confirming the identity of the person.

Let’s master the trade screen, how to view and use the chart screen!

Finally, let’s look at the trade screen for trading and how to use the chart.

If you master this far, you can freely use ZB.com!

Introducing chart view and useful functions!

Transactions can be done from the top menu “MARKETS”.

When entering “MARKETS” currencies are lined up, so select the currency you want to trade.

The feature of ZB.com is that there are two kinds of trading methods. First of all, let’s click “Kline Trading” to open the chart screen.

“Kline Trading” can trade while watching the chart. Search currency pairs you wish to trade from the search window at the top of the screen. You can switch charts according to the currency you choose.

When trading from the chart screen, we will buy and sell from the trading screen at the bottom right of the chart.

Very easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Of the two types of trading methods of ZB.com, click on “EXCHANGE” on the currency selection screen for the other transaction method.

First of all, it is ” Limit order “. A limit order is to specify an order price and issue an order.

“Let’s enter the transaction by entering the desired price and the desired quantity of trading.

Then it is ” Stop-Limit (stop limit) order “.

The stop limit order is a function to set “trigger price” and automatically issue a new limit order when the trigger price is reached.

Therefore, we will not make a contract at a price that is more disadvantageous than the price you specify, but depending on the price move we may not agree.

Let’s use popular exchange “ZB.com”!


We summarized how to register and use China’s popular exchange “ZB.com” .

ZB.com does not correspond to Japanese, so some people may feel slightly inadvertent use.

However, there are many coins with few handling on other exchanges , so if you can master it, the range of cryptocurrency investment will expand!

Let’s enjoy transactions at BZ.com by preparing for two-level security and identity verification firmly!

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