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How to use MetaMask (Summary)! Easy addition of deposits / withdrawals / tokens

It is important to manage assets of important cryptocurrency in Wallet.

If you leave it with the transaction, you may be caught in hacking like a coin check case …

Here, we summarize the installation method and basic usage of Metamask (Meta Mask) which can manage collectively of Etheram wallet.

Once you remember how to use it, you can not do without Metamask! Since it is convenient as it is, please take this opportunity to install it.

Explain how to install MetaMask (Meta Mask)

First I’ll access the official MetaMask page.

The browser uses Google Chrome, or Brave. IE and Firefox are not supported at this time.

Install directly to Chrome browser.

How to install Metamask (Meta Mask) 1

Since this kind of screen appears, click “GET CHROME EXTENSION”.

How to install Metamask (Meta Mask) 2

The screen changes. Click “Add to CHROME” on the right to install it.

How to install Metamask (Meta Mask) 3

It was added to the browser of Google Chrome. Let’s start by clicking the fox’s icon at once.

How to install Metamask (Meta Mask) 4

Since “MetaMask is beta software, for your privacy, when you finish using the site please sign out of MetaMask” will be displayed Click “Accept” (respond).

How to install Metamask (Meta Mask) 5

Terms of service are displayed. Since you can not click Accept unless you scroll to the very end, please scroll down and click.

Metamask password setting

Here we generate a password to use when logging in to Metamask.

To improve security, it can not be set unless it is a password of 8 characters or more.

About password setting
We recommend that you generate the password using the password generation site. Strength is strongest, it is still better if it is about 40 letters.

How to install Metamask (Meta Mask) 7

When you set a password, it will look something like this.

The 12 words are only way to restore your MetaMask accounts.

Save 12 somewhere safe and seacret. This 12 words is the only way to restore MetaMask account.

Please save this word in a safe place.

These 12 words are the recovery path of the MetaMask account.

It is impossible to restore without this 12 words if you purchased a computer or accidentally deleted MetaMask.

Please copy exactly such as spelling and order.

When copying is completed, proceed to “I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE” (safely copied).

How to set Metamask

A new account has been created. The “Account 1” part is the account name. Click on it to change the name.

Let’s remember how to back up and restore MetaMask (meta mask)

Once MetaMask is successfully installed, let’s remember the backup method in the unlikely event.

If you do not know this it will be impossible to respond when PC is broken, when you change.

Backup / restore method of MetaMask (meta mask)! Be sure to refrain SEED

Backup of MetaMask itself is all 12 words (SEED) when installed.

Since MetaMask is an extension of Google Chrome, if you accidentally delete it, all the balance will be gone.

I deleted the MetaMask once to restore it. Try restoring using 12 words.

First install MetaMask using the above method.

How to restore MetaMask (Meta Mask)

Please logout once after installation.

Backup of MetaMask (Meta Mask)

As the login screen is displayed, click “Restore from seed phrase” (restore from seed).

Backup of MetaMask (Meta Mask)

Enter the stored 12 words and a new password and click “OK”.

MetaMask (Meta Mask) restoration

I was able to restore my account safely.

It is safe to know how to back up and restore each wallet managed by MetaMask (meta mask)

I will show you how to restore each wallet managed by MetaMask.

Export private key

First export the Wallet account’s private key.

MetaMask (Meta Mask) Export

Click “…” next to the account name and click “Export Private Key”.

Moving MetaMask (Meta Mask)

Enter the password you set for the first time and click “Submit”.

Copy of MetaMask (Meta Mask)

The private key is displayed like this. Please click on the string and save it somewhere as it will be copied.

If you lose it, you can not recover it, so you need to be careful.

MetaMask (Meta Mask) Copy

Import wallet

How to restore each wallet.

Click the person mark in the upper right corner and select “Import Account”.

Import to MetaMask (Meta Mask)

Since it will be such a screen, you can enter the private key you kept and click “IMPORT” to complete the restoration.

Your balance will be restored. The account name is not restored, please change again.

Explain basic usage of MetaMask (meta mask)! Simple and easy to use

Once you have the basic operation for installing and backing up MetaMask, let’s actually use it.

I am summarizing the most fundamental method of deposit / withdrawal.

Let’s check how to deposit ETH · token (confirm address) to MetaMask (meta mask)

MetaMask (Meta Mask) How to use

Click “…” at the top right.

When “show QR Code” is selected, the QR code and address are displayed.

Selecting “Copy Address to clipboard” copies the address, which is useful for depositing money from another cryptocurrency site.

MetaMask (Meta Mask) address

By the way QR code and address are displayed like this.

There is no problem by crediting the ERC token to the above address.

Let’s check how to remit (withdraw) money from MetaMask (meta mask)

MetaMask (Meta Mask) Remittance

Click “SEND”.

Meta Mask (Meta Mask) withdrawal

Enter the remittance address and remittance amount and click “NEXT”.

Since you do not deposit on this screen, you can not proceed because the balance is insufficient, but if you are depositing money remittance will be completed by entering the fee and commission restrictions on the remittance, the total amount.

Let’s block the phishing site with MetaMask

MetaMask phishing site

Installing MetaMask can block phishing sites.

Especially setting is not necessary, but be careful when a picture like picture appears.

Let’s add an ERC token to MetaMask (meta mask)

Because MetaMask can manage the wallet of the Etherium, it is of course possible to store ERC tokens as well.

However, it does not automatically reflect the balance if you deposit it to MetaMask. You need to add a token yourself.

We will show you how to check the balance of the toy of the toy with MetaMask.

Acquire necessary information with EtherScan

Let’s add a token of Policy Pal (PAL) as an example here.

First of all, we will obtain necessary information to add a token from the site called EtherScan.


Search the name of the token from the search window in the upper right.

Get information from EtherScan

When you search for tokens, it looks like a picture.

What we need to add a token to MetaMask is three pieces of information surrounded by a red frame.

Necessary information
  • Address following “Contract:”
  • Numbers following “Decimals:”
  • Token symbol (ETH in Ethiary)

Enter the information of EtherScan and add a token

Once you have confirmed 3 pieces of information, open MetaMask.

Add MetaMask token


How to add a token to MetaMask

  • Token Contract Addres · · · Address
  • Token Symbol · · · Symbol
  • Declimals of Precision … Numerals

Enter in this way and click “Add”. This should reflect the token.

Reflect MetaMask token

When the token is properly reflected, the balance and symbols will be displayed.

If it does not work, please check if there is a mistake in the input.

[Supplementary information] About timing to add a token

It is okay to reflect the token (addition) itself into MetaMask itself (after payment) later.

I have deposited money earlier but I do not need to be impatient as to what I should do.

[Summary] Let’s securely manage assets with MetaMask (meta mask)

We summarized basic usage from the installation method of MetaMask.

Initially it may be confusing, but once you remember it you will notice the convenience of MetaMask.

Of course it is possible to securely manage assets, but there are many MetaMask useful situations when using DEX, participating in ICO, participating in air drops, etc.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember how to use MetaMask.

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