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HTC's Block Chain Sumaho Exodus 1 starts reservation with cryptocurrency payment only

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It seems that the reservation of Exodus 1 of HTC’s block chain smartphone, which was talked about in block chains and Dapps correspondence, started. The release time is December, but the way you want to pay attention is the ordering method.

HTC announces plans to release a block chain compatible smartphone

Booking online is possible, but only payment can be made with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethicalam (ETH) . The prices are set to 0.15 BTC and 4.78 EH, respectively, which translates into a legal currency of approximately $ 960 (about 10.8 million yen) .

HTC’s own mobile wallet reported previously, but this seems to be preinstalled under the name Zion. With this, Exodus 1 can also be used as a hardware wallet.

Also, Exodus 1 has an area separated from the Android system on the chip to improve security. This technology is developed by Arm Holdings which is a part of Softbank.

Phil Chen, a decentralized chief officer at HTC, talks to CNBC as follows.

“Think of this as a micro OS that functions in parallel with Android – basically it is Wallet, but you can also store your private key.”

Mr. Chen says Google OS is fundamentally centralized, so it is not safe as the reason for creating this isolated area from Android.

Article Source: CNBC, HTC


I feel like I’m pretty much attacking the same price range as Galaxy or iPhone

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