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Huobi.com Adds Trading Pairs in XRP Limited Price Impact

Huobi.comがXRPの取引ペアを追加 価格への影響は限定的に

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Huobi.com announced in an 18th press release this month that it will add XRP trading pairs . Payment is possible from the time of press release release.

There are three types of pairs added this time: XRP / USD, XRP / BTC, and XRP / USDT. The deal and withdrawals will start at noon (Pacific Standard Time) on the 19th.

It is already listed on Huobi Global and Huobi Japan, but this time it will be launched in the US market.

According to the Coinmarketcap data, the price impact from this announcement has been limited.

As for XRP, practical services are increasing, such as the release of Chrome extensions that can transfer money via Gmail earlier this month. It is believed that Huobi.com’s XRP listing reflects the increasing user demand.

Chrome Extension Reveals Virtual Money Ripple $ XRP With Gmail Released-CRYPTO TIMES

Article Source: Huobi.com, Coinmarketcap

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