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I introduce a story! A way to explain and explain the structure of the block chain well

Hello! Recently, various people often asked “What is a block chain eventually?” , It is sota of Coin Desk News!

About the block chain I think that it will be understood by someone who has experienced to someone once,
It is very difficult to explain the technology of the block chain to those who do not know anything.

While somehow trying hard to explain, the one that is considered the first pocahn,

It’s time to talk about block chains being monitored by everyone to prevent fraud .

What does everyone inspect everyone? And 100% will be heard back.

I searched for something better to explain,

  • Wedding style
  • Kino’s journey method

Two of them came out.

So in this article I will introduce two good examples, to understand somehow even “someone who is monitoring” that tends to stumble when understanding the technology of the block chain !

Review of basic knowledge of block chain

What is Block Chain in the first place? For those of you, I will explain elaborately about the block chain!

Block chain is a summary of transaction data .

Trading is recorded by block (several transaction data) connecting hash value (encrypted character string) as a chain in chain form .

In the figure,

It is like this. So it’s called Block Chain in Block + Chain !

And when you decide which information to connect as the next block, you need to decide transaction information described in the block to be correct by using consensus algorithm .

Prior to the block chain, the country, the bank etc guaranteed the credit, making the trade correct, but there are no administrators in the block chain .

Even so, consensus building called consensus algorithm is done as a way to maintain reliability.

Based on the consensus algorithm, it is assumed that the transaction information described in the block is correct and judged by everyone participating in the block chain, so that the block chain can be established without an administrator with absolute power, This is why it is said that it is “watching everyone.”

Everyone explains monitoring! Wedding style

Types of weddings

Wedding ceremony is a ceremony to establish or confirm marriage .

I swear that “We will get married.”

There are two kinds of wedding ceremonies. Specifically, the place to swear marriage is divided into two.

The two types are

  • Oaths are exchanged between the two who marry God and religious expressions where God is a witness to marriage
  • Promise of marriage to all guests attending the wedding ceremony, public ceremonies where guests will be witnesses


Part of the block chain similar to “everyone’s watching”

Among these two types, it is a public expression that resembles a block chain .

In public ceremony, we pledge marriage to all guests participating in the wedding ceremony, and as guests become witnesses, the existence like “God” is the correctness of the act of “swearing marriage” There is a characteristic that marriage is established without collateral .

By the way, in the usual ledger (one in which the transaction was recorded), we could only check between the bank and the depositor . And the correctness of the transaction was pledged by the bank .

this is,

It is said that it is similar to a religious wedding ceremony in which vows are exchanged between the two who marry God and God becomes a witness to marriage .

On the other hand, the block chain was a technology that allows transactions to be established without an administrator with absolute power by judging whether the transaction is legitimate or unreasonable .

For that reason, the public ceremony is similar to the “monitor with everyone” in the block chain, meaning that the transaction of marriage is established under the agreement of all guests .

Everyone explains monitoring! Kino’s journey method

What is Kino’s journey

“Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World -” is a light novel by Keiichi Tokiwazawa, and it has been made into TV animation in 2003 and 2017.

It is a fantasy work of one talk complete type that the traveler Kino travels various countries by riding a motorcycle.

This time, I will explain “monitoring by everyone” from the story of “the country that can kill people” which is the first episode of the animated version .

Synopsis where you can kill people

The country Keno first visited was a country where people can be killed”, which is not prohibited by laws to kill people .

I think that most people imagine a country like a lawless zone by listening to this setting,

Actually, this country is very peaceful .
Even though all the citizens usually carry guns with us, one incident will not happen.

One day, a traveler arrived, “I came to this country to kill people” and tried to kill Keno .

At that moment, all the citizens who were on site tried to remove the guns and kill all the travelers trying to kill Keno .

And a country leader came,

“In this country, the act of killing people is not permitted, it is not that it is forbidden to be prohibited,” killing travelers.

In this country, all citizens are policemen and judges .

So, even though “country” or “law” with absolute power does not prohibit murder, people who killed people in this country, those who tried to kill people by agreement of all citizens, everyone It was killed .

This is the story of “a country that can kill people”.

Part of the block chain similar to “everyone’s watching”

In this story the parts of the rock chain that are similar to “everyone’s surveillance” are absolutely powerful “countries” and “laws” do not prohibit murder, by all people’s agreement, in this country Those who killed people, those who tried to kill people are parts that are killed by everyone .

I mentioned earlier that the block chain is operated without fraud by consensus algorithm, even if there is no administrator with absolute power.

In this “country capable of killing people”, all citizens have a common sense of “people who killed people, those who tried to kill people are killed by everyone” Peace is kept even without absolute administrators (laws, police officers, judges), and this way of thinking is similar to “monitoring by everyone” in the block chain.


In this article, I explained two things as an example about the “monitor with everyone” of the block chain which does not come up with imaginary images.

How about that?
Did you get a little clearer?

When you are asked to explain the block chain from school or work in the future, please use more and more!


By the way, the first voice in using Keno’s journey Ver is “What kind of country do you imagine by listening to a country where people can be killed?”

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