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If you buy cryptocurrency / Bitcoin? Recommended list of domestic exchanges

取引所 おすすめ

To purchase virtual currencies such as Bitcoins, ether symbols, ripples, etc., you first need to register in the domestic cryptocurrency exchange .

Although it is said …

  • Where can I register a cryptocurrency exchange?
  • Registering too much worries about personal information and management …
  • Which exchange is recommended?

There are also many beginners who are worried about such things.

So, on this page, we introduce as a recommendation ranking of exchanges from among several cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, considering popularity, cheapness of commission, reliability etc.

If you read this, you can understand exactly what exchanges you can register if you do not mistake!

Compare the 12 domestic exchanges thoroughly!

Here, we compare exchanges of 12 companies in the comparison table thoroughly.

I think that it is easier to understand by comparison on a comparison table than to explain it, so please take a closer look!

Feature comparison chart of domestic exchange

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Summary of major handling currencies

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If you get lost, here! Recommended ranking of domestic cryptocurrency exchange

BITPoint (bit point)


MT 4 · Domestic exchange corresponding to leveraged transactions

BITPoint is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by remix points and it is also registered as a cryptocurrency exchange trader. It is the best feature that it corresponds to MT 4, and it gathers popularity mainly from FX origin. Also, free of cash commission fee, free of deposit / withdrawal fee is one of the features.

Popularity / Profile
Types of transactions Spot trading
Leverage transaction
Transaction fee free
* Regular management fee and swap are different

【Comment of management】
As a domestic exchanger, the number of registrations has been increasing despite the late departure. Since domestic cryptocurrency exchanges only support BI 4 for MT 4, it is particularly popular among those who originally used MT 4 and EA. As all transaction fees are free, it is recommended for beginners who want to get used to various things first.

bitbank (bit bank)


All transaction fees are free for both BTC and Alto!

bitbank (bit bank) is a domestic exchange with full transaction fee. In addition to Bitcoins, Alto Coin representative Ethiariam, popular ripples can also be traded with zero transaction fee. Introduction Registration is one of the recommended exchanges.

Popularity / Profile
Types of transactions Spot trading
Transaction fee free

【Comment of management】
Although it is a nominal term with a limited-time fee-free campaign, transaction fees are free for the whole time since the service started in March 2017. As salespeople are not prepared, it may be difficult for beginners, but once you become accustomed to the exchange format, the range of cryptocurrency investment will be much broader.

DMM bitcoin

DMM bitcoin

Exchanges where Alto coin’s leverage transactions are possible

DMMbitcoin is a domestic exchange not only for BTC, but also for Alto coin’s leverage transactions. It is also a feature that deposit / withdrawal fee and transaction fee are basically all free. It is also operated by DMM, and it is also a strong exchange exchange.

Popularity / Profile
Types of transactions Spot trading
Leverage transaction
Transaction fee free

【Comment of management】
The format and atmosphere of the exchange are similar to GMO coins, but the point of leverage transaction of Alto coin is differentiation point. We can do leverage transactions of various virtual currencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, XEM etc. Leverage is fixed at 5 times. It has become a trading closet closer to the user, as it also supports support at LINE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

GMO coin

GMO coin

Leveraged correspondence exchange that application is easy to use

In GMO coins, it is an exchange that can buy and sell ripples and etherwares, as well as in-kind and leverage transactions of Bitcoins. The reputation of the speedy order that you can trade quickly and the app that can display easy-to-read charts is getting high.

Popularity / Profile
Types of transactions In-kind trading (exchanges / sales offices)
Leverage transaction
Transaction fee BTC actual product … Taker: 0.1%, Maker: Free
BTCFX … Free
Sales office … free

【Comment of management】
GMO coins are frequently used by users conducting BTCFX (Leverage transaction). Many people use the GMO coin application (bitre) when watching a chart on a smartphone. Since BTCFX is set to 10 times as high and high, let’s pay close attention to asset management.

BitTrade (bit trade)

Bit Trade

Attentional domestic exchange that Huobi Japan holds management rights

BitTrade is an exchange on which the Japanese corporation of the worldwide cryptocurrency exchange “Huobi” is a shareholder, and has also obtained authorization from the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange trader. Basic security measures such as UI / UX side such as application correspondence as well as multi-sig correspondence, bot hat authentication system etc. are enriched. Although it is still not large as a domestic exchange, it is an exchange that you can expect from now.

Popularity / Profile
Types of transactions Spot trading
Transaction fee 0.20% to 0.70%

【Comment of management】
Because it is said that Japanese corporation of Huobi has management rights, it may be good to register early as it is an expected exchange in the future. There is still a lot of transactions etc, but I want to keep myself from being misplaced when it gets excited. The exchanges’ site / UI is very similar to bitbank, so if you are familiar with bitbank you should be able to master it.

Once in doubt, I recommend you to register at BITPoint (bit point) of No. 1 recommendation


If you are confused as to which exchanges you should register, let’s register for BITPoint.

Since remix points are operated and can be trusted, the spot transaction fee is free , so even a beginner can use it with confidence.

First of all, you should try various BITPoint and try to get used to dealing with cryptocurrency.

It is also recommended that you can use in-kind trading in exchanges, as well as exchanges for medium and advanced users, and leveraged transactions.

However, it is safe to register as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible.

Benefits of multiple registration
  • You can cover virtual currencies not covered by each exchange
  • Risk distribution at hacking
  • Reduce opportunity loss when certain exchanges get excited

If you say “I do not want to register on only one exchange”, if you select bitbank, it will not be a problem first.

However, in addition to bitbank, people who wish to start investing in cryptocurrency in full swing are recommended to register them around BITPoint, DMM bitcoin.

Choose the domestic cryptocurrency exchange 5 points · Let’s suppress how to choose

We have compared the domestic exchanges so far and introduced the recommended exchanges in ranking format.

In deciding this ranking, I will explain five factors that I emphasized .

Because it is a check item that can be used when a new exchange comes up, remember, there is no loss!

Choose exchanges with high popularity and high profile of exchanges

When choosing an exchange, the popularity and degree of recognition of the exchange is one big indicator to decide “whether to register on the exchange”.

Exchanges with high popularity and high publicity are that many users are using it.

Then naturally, the trading volume (transaction volume) will also increase.

What is transaction volume / volume?
It is the amount (or number) of the cryptocurrency traded on the cryptocurrency exchange. Transactions are established with buyers and sellers. Because it means that there are few sellers when you want to buy on exchanges with low trading volume. Transactions become difficult.

If the transaction volume is low, it will be hard to make an order, and as the transaction value of myself becomes bigger it will be hard to use.

By selecting exchanges with popularity and volume, you will be able to do business smoothly.

Choose exchanges where cash withdrawals and transaction fees are cheap


Domestic cryptocurrency exchanges earn revenue mainly due to commissions and transaction fees at deposit and withdrawal.

In other words, when you use the exchange, it will cost a fee somewhere.

Even if the fee to be taken per time is small, if you repeat the number, the commission paid for that will increase accordingly.

Since there are considerable differences between each exchange , let’s compare the fee as well.

Choose an easy-to-use exchange for sites and applications

Easy to use

The ease of use of sites and applications and UI / UX are also the points I want to check when choosing an exchange.

It is hard to use the site and the application · It is hard to see · not only can not comfortable dealings but it can lead to losses.

Some people say that they will incur large losses due to mis – ordered orders etc.

Also, in situations where mental factors such as leverage transactions become important, it is very important to use an unstressed exchange.

Choose exchanges with strong server strength

Server strength

Particularly when you want to place an order immediately with leveraged transactions, etc. When you want to do business immediately, the strength of the server becomes very important.

In order to reflect all the orders of many users, we have to process a lot of data.

In other words, it is inevitable if it is an exchange that uses a server with high processing capacity (server with high strength).

If the server is weak , you can not gain profit at the desired timing, you can not order loss cuts, etc. BTCFX will directly lead to revenue.

It is important to check the reputation of exchanges or try using it in practice and to know the server strength of each exchange on a skin sense.

Check the amount of capital and shareholders and choose a trustworthy management company

Be sure to check the information of the operating company before registering when registering on the exchange.

From the information on capital amount, shareholders and business partners , we can check how reliable the company is, and whether it is a capitalist firm.

Is it okay with a domestic exchange? Let’s also know the features and differences of overseas exchanges and DEX

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges not only in Japan but also abroad.

  • Should I use overseas exchanges too?
  • Is not it dangerous?
  • What is different from domestic exchanges in the first place?

Those who think like this should definitely look forward to the next.

Initially it is OK even at a domestic exchange

Benefits of using overseas exchanges
  • Abundant variety of alto coins
  • Transaction fee is cheap
  • High transaction volume

Basically, those who invest in cryptocurrency use such overseas exchanges have such advantages.

The biggest thing is that you can trade promising alto coins that are not dealt with on the Japanese exchanges.

However, we recommend that you first acquire the sense of price movements of virtual currencies and basic usage of exchanges at the domestic cryptocurrency exchange.

Overseas exchanges have countless numbers, ranging from major exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi to minor ones that have never heard of names.

Let’s keep basic parts first at domestic exchanges rather than expanding your hands to overseas exchanges before you get used to cryptocurrency investment .

Let’s register and use overseas exchanges if you get used to it

Basically, the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency, how to buy and sell (how to trade) will not change either in Japan or abroad.

The difference in using it is that commissions and letters in the site become English.

I’m getting used to operating the domestic exchange and want to buy a variety of alto coins (brand name)! Let’s take advantage of overseas exchanges as well.

DEX for advanced users

DEX (Distributed Exchange) will be for somewhat advanced users.

It is because the operation becomes complicated a little, such as cooperation of Wallet and Deposit in exchanges.

Although it is not difficult to say so far, it is not too late even if you get used to using basic exchanges at domestic exchanges and overseas exchanges.

Summary – Let’s first register with a domestic exchange and buy a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)!

Exchanges Recommended

We have introduced the recommended cryptocurrency exchange in Japan .

In order to purchase cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethernet, ripple and start investing in cryptocurrency, you need to register at the exchange first.

Let’s do a good start by selecting a non-failed exchange !

Author: Satchan 【Coin Desk News】 – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/domestic-exchange/

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