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Introducing five explorers useful for block chain search

A long year has passed since the birth of a block chain. The block chain at the time the Bitcoin was born was a very simple thing, but now each has evolved and various functions are added.

Block explorers are changing to things that can be searched up to hidden messages and block numbers, from just searching transaction information to the flow of the times.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce five explorers useful for block chain search.

What is Block Explorer in the first place?

In a word, the Block Explorer is an engine that searches information of Bitcoins (BTC) and block chains (distributed ledger) of other virtual currencies .

In the block chain of the cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, the record of the deal carried out all over the world is recorded. The information recorded in the block chain is released to the world and it is possible to search using Explorer.

For example, when remitting to acquaintance in cryptocurrency but it is told that you have not received the money yet, or you can use Explorer when checking the past transaction history of a specific address.

Also, when sending an ETH to a contract address, such as in an ICO, you can use Explorer to see if you can participate, whether the token was distributed, and so on.

Convenient five block explorer

There are very many types of block explorers, and it depends on the type of block chain. Here we introduce five explorers that are easy to use and rich in functions.


Until recently Blockchain.com was operated with an address called Blockchain.org. Is this site the site most famous in the world as a Bitcoin explorer?

Blockchain.com has relatively basic functions, but today it is simple and very easy to use , while you can search various information in Block Explorer. You can search from information such as block, transaction, address etc.

Blockchain.com is reliable as it is used by many users. In addition, there is a page called Wealth of stats that summarizes Bitcoin activities and market trends in the past 24 hours.


Blockchair with the explanation “Search the blockchain world for anything (search for any information in the block chain)” is exactly like the word.

You can search not only Bitcoins (BTC) but also information on Bitcoin cache (BCH), ether size (ETH) pool size, fee, number of nodes, difficulty level etc on this site.

In Blockchair it is also possible to search words on block chains . This allows users to see if their local and child names, favorite sports teams, etc. are recorded on the block chain.


Tokenview is a multi-chain explorer developed by the Chinese developer team and was released in the first half of this year. Although the days from release are still shallow, although rough edges can be seen in terms of translation etc., the number of block chains covered by the site is Pikaichi.

This site allows you to search over 20 famous block chains and is the best tool to search for multiple block chains . In addition, Tokenview can also see a rich list of all supported block chains (a list of wallets with a lot of holdings), and there are many uses other than search.


There are many block explorers of etheralum, but the most famous one among them is surely this Etherscan .

This explorer is suitable for searching the address of Smart Contract, searching gas price (fee), checking the activity of DEX (Distributed Exchange).

One of the reasons that Etherscan is used by many people is that it is adopted for the purpose of checking the token balance in an Ethernet-based wallet service such as Metamask or Myetherwallet .


Finally, Bitcoin.com, as its name suggests, is the block explorer provided by Bitcoin.com. From its minimalist-like sophisticated simple interface, you can easily search transactions of Bitcoins and Bitcoin caches .

The user can scan the QR code to check the Wallet Balance, or you can switch the Bitcoin legacy and Segwit mechanism with the button.


Have you found your favorite site in 5 block explorers? Of course, the Explorer introduced this time is only a small part of existing websites, and there are many other explorers.

Please try looking for your favorite explorer that you feel that you are the easiest to use.

Article Source: Bitcoin.com

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