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Investment opportunities in real estate! Introducing features of BIGToken (big token)

BIG Token is a project to simplify real estate property speculation by using tokens so that everyone can participate.

The project is managed by a company called BIG Group, and registrations of loans to be lent to property developers are carried out by subsidiaries in Japan.

This time, I would like to thoroughly explain the outline and features of this BIG Token.

Check the outline of BIG Token!

BIG Token / $ BTK is a resort area development project using cryptocurrency, which has the advantage that tokens can be used for discount purchase of targeted property and enjoyment of service of affiliated resort .

Since the amount of issuance of tokens is based on the value of the land held by BIG Token, demand is expected to increase due to the appeal of tokens such as discounts and service usage.

BIG Token already owns seven sites facing the seaside, beaches, rivers, etc. in Thailand and Vietnam, and we are putting great efforts into collaboration with partner developers and the service industry around the land.

BIG Token can invest real estate using tokens

The biggest feature of BIG Token is that it is possible to purchase real estate properties cheaply by using BTK token and to receive services of affiliated resort .

The BIG Group side and related companies are developing the properties of the partner, and we plan to expand the service to seven other places that we currently hold.

Business model of BIG Token

The business of BIG Token begins by issuing currency equivalent to the value of the land held by BIG Token, selling it through ICO etc. and lending the profits obtained as a loan to the developer of the property .

10% of loans loaned are held as collateral by BIG Token, and another 10% is said to be deposited in trust etc. at Fiat taking into account the tokens’ volatility.

The merchants that build loans have the advantage of being able to raise funds at a lower interest rate than the standards of related industries .

Usage of BIG Token

So, what kind of merit is specific to users who purchase BIG Token?

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The biggest attraction of the BTK token is that it can be used for discount purchases of properties of affiliated parties and enjoying resort services .

Since the partner is committed to accepting BIG Token as payment currency at the time of issue of the loan, if it possesses BIG Token, it will be possible to stay in real cashless.

It is also thought that demand for tokens will expand in the future due to the attractiveness of the land owned by the project and the discount system by using tokens.

Since the consensus mechanism using HashGraph etc. is adopted for payment using BIG Token, it is said that seamless transactions such as about 250,000 transactions per second will be possible.

Compare BIG Token and similar projects!

BIG Token brings beneficial business opportunities for both investors and partners by encouraging stable price growth while taking into account default risks, but let’s also check similar projects here.

For this time, I would like to compare three of SamuraiX , Propy , Alt.Estate and BIG Token with the token system , the revenue system , and the project progress degree .

BIG Token Propy SamuraiX Alt. Estate
Funability None None There There
Characteristic Offering loans to affiliated parties with investment money Matching of property sales Real estate ownership right from a small amount Real estate ownership right from a small amount
Revenue system The company runs funds None Rental income etc. Rental income etc.
Entry market Thailand, Vietnam America, Russia, the UK, China, Dubai Japan Japan, the United States, EU
ICO in progress Already Not yet in progress
Total progress During ~ High Low During ~

Let’s compare the token system and the revenue system

Let’s start by comparing the token’s funability (substitutability) with the revenue system.

What is funability?
One currency can be substituted for the same currency. For example, a 1-yen coin is fun to have exactly the same value whatever it has. However, card games and card games are not necessarily funny, because each one has a different value.

The tokens used in BIG Token and Propy are fun .

BIG Token is a system that invests in a company (BIG Group) through ICO, a company issues a loan to each partner, and thereupon prompts growth of token price based on resort development and discount sales of the property I will.

Propy is a totally different system that matches a person wanting to sell a property with a person who wishes to buy , execute and record the procedure on the block chain, and use Propy Token as its fee.

On the other hand, the tokens used in SamuraiX and Alt.Estate are not fans .

The system is similar in both systems, and by subdividing ownership of the property into tokens, everyone can easily own (a part of) the property and obtain rental income etc. accordingly It is getting.

Because rental income changes depending on the property, each token is linked to a separate property . Since these tokens have different values ​​depending on the object, they are not fans .

BIG Token and these projects are the same as “real estate investment”, but in the former case tokens do not represent ownership of the property, so be careful.

Let’s compare the degree of progress of each project

Only Propy has already finished the token sale in the four projects.

For BIG Token to catch up with the project that development funds are already in place, differentiation of products and frequent community updates are essential.

Two pieces of information on the property are on the website are Propy and Alt.Estate .

Although it is also in the column of the road map afterwards, the concrete development plan of seven partners of BIG Token is not clear yet and it is a somewhat ambiguous form of “announced during this year”.

However, in BIG Token , six languages ​​are prepared only with white papers, and in the field of community development it is said to be superior to other projects .

What is the problem with BIG Token?

Let’s also check the problems of BIG Token after adding a comparison with other projects.

The project itself is a bit complicated

It can be said that BIG Token is closer to a business that provides business opportunities for investors and business partners rather than businesses that develop services for the general public.

Also, as with SamuraiX and Alt.Estate above, the token does not represent ownership of the property, and the point that BIG Token is used for the purchase of a partner’s property or the use of a service is also quite complicated.

There are few variations on the property

Furthermore, at least the problem at the moment is less variation of partners . It is mainly a resort site, but for now it has been limited to only Thailand and Vietnam.

In the future, by further increasing the number of properties, a variety of options can be made, but in the present situation there are few variations.

The token is not secured by real estate

This is not necessarily a problem, but BIG Token is not linked with tokens and real estate like SamuraiX and Alt.Estate above.

Just saying that it has the property of an asset token to the last, it means that the price of BIG Token and real estate moves separately .

It is in compliance with the regulation of the Japan FSA …?

The BTK token is said to be issued by a subsidiary in Japan of the management company BIG Group based on the value of the land it owns.

Although this company sings that it complies with the regulation of the FSA, it is thought that it is necessary to grasp the point that the property is of foreign countries (Thai / Vietnam) properly.

Part of the details of the team members are not listed

There is a team member introduction column on the BIG Token website, but there is a point that members can not be checked with an external source such as LinkedIn .

Some members will come up by searching with Linkedin, but not all of them have been able to confirm.

Check the road map of BIG Token!

Let’s check the roadmap of this project.

Year Contents
February 2018 ICO implementation
Fourth quarter of 2018 Listed on the cryptocurrency exchange
Fourth quarter of 2018 Development of payment system
2018 Development planning of business partners
1st quarter of 2019 Pre-sale of affiliated property ( Discount for BIG Token )
2 nd quarter of 2019 Payment system start
2019 Entered the end of partner work
2022 BIG Token is available at affiliated parties

Since BIG Token has the goal of allowing tokens to be used as a payment method at partner companies, we are also working on the development of payment systems .

As mentioned above, it is said that quick transactions will be possible by adopting an algorithm that increases the number of transactions per second.

In addition, in the first quarter of 2019, pre-sale of partner properties began and it is said that discounts will be brought by using BIG Token .

After completion of payment system and construction , full service will be deployed around 2022 .

Summary of BIG Token

I introduced BIG Token, which develops real estate speculation using tokens.

It was a project to issue loans with funds listed in ICO, and to go on a different route from similar projects.

In the future, the appeal of this project will further increase as the development plan of the partner property comes out.

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