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IOST DApps game “Crypto Ninja” appeared in OnBlock Games can be played without IOST wallet

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IOST DAppsゲーム『Crypto Ninja』がOnBlockに登場 IOSTウォレットが無しでゲームが遊べる



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The DApss game “Crypto Ninja” provided by Eversystem Co., Ltd. has appeared in OnBlock that can be played without an IOST wallet.

OnBlock is the first product developed by IOST’s OASIS team, and users will be able to use IApp ecosystem DApps by phone number only.

With the appearance of this CryptoNinja, the DApps using OnBlock is the third in total.

To commemorate the OnBlock release, CryptoNinja is campaigning for users who have registered by June 3rd to receive an in-game currency of 5000EG.


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