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IOST Japan Node candidate interview single question – AiyaaNet-

IOST, which is a block chain platform scheduled to release the main net on February 25, 2019, currently selects node candidates by election.

As CRYPTO TIMES, as a media partner of IOST, I received comments from Japanese node candidates several times since this time, so I would like to post it.

I would like to understand what the candidate node thinks and what I’m trying to do to expand the IOST ecosystem and I hope that you will be able to participate in the election of nodes of IOST by all means on this occasion.

Node voting of IOST starts! Must see a remuneration and dividend to voters! – CRYPTO TIMES

This time will be the 1st time will be a comment by AiyaaNet.

IOST node candidate “AiyaaNet”

– Please introduce yourself.

I run AiyaaNet, it is called RYOHO. Originally interested in China’s financial IT (work circumstances) and block chain (cryptocurrency), happened to discover IOST by the end of last year and was excited by myself as “It seemed interesting”.

I thought about various things, I participated as a partner by individual hobby and I participated by departing at full throttle. AiyaaNet I am still looking for people who are not able to update at all and who do it together. Interested in introducing Chinese entertainment IT situation Media wanting to join together ~ (‘· ω · `)

– IOST is the main net launch in February, but how do you think IOST will be in the next year?

I think that the familiarity has improved considerably by the end of the year.

A lot of DApps based on IOST appeared after the main net launch, and it seems that the number of blog articles related to “IOST Smart Contract Development Method / Implementation Example” will increase considerably (Qiita’s posting is likely to increase)

– Where do you think IOST is better when compared to other block chains?

① How PoB works

This mechanism is so wonderful that decentralization and popularization of IOST itself is almost equal.

Hundreds of node candidates strive to disseminate IOST in order to gather votes, and if they win, they will contribute to decentralization as well. It is two birds with one stone.

② I value the developers and I know what to specialize

· Smart contract development language is JavaScript

· Hosting active hands-on seminars to universities around the world

· Distribution, scalability and security

A newly designed game machine not to throw away anything is just a box, if there is no software.

I am afraid that it is an old-fashioned analogy, but I think that PlayStation has won over Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn and others largely due to two factors.

· Easy to develop software (Development environment · Enhanced development support)

· Elements necessary for the next generation were captured in a well-balanced manner (3D specialization, disc media, memory card, etc.)

Thanks to these two factors, software was also improved, and the user was satisfied. (I think that it was because the killer software came out in the final decision strike)

I think that the merit of IOST is keeping proper in this area properly. (“Do not think about applying it to the block chain! Do not think about it!”

– What do you think is good for developing the IOST ecosystem in Japan?

I think that it is better to replace familiar services with DApps and make use cases more and more.

(I think it is interesting if I realize the schedule adjustment on IOST), I wonder if I can apply approaches to each company based on that use case.

– So what can you contribute and support?

It is the plan and promotion of the use case (I would like to do it if I can develop it as well)

I would like to positively engage in activities to comment and introduce as easy as possible for developers. Also, I hope to use Ethereum and Hyperledger recently, and I hope to be able to help you when you embark on “IOST” if companies are giving up without making the expected results (dream)

– Please let me know what you expect from IOST, exciting if you have any excitement.

Now about DApps Speaking about games DApps games are being created based on ETH, EOS and TRX.

However, games are usually only one implementation of DApps, so there should be more examples of other genres closely related to our lifestyle.

I expect that many “DApps not captured by the common sense of DApps” appear from IOST, and I am excited to see them change the world!

Author: Arata – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/iost-node-aiyaanet/

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