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IOST launches developer reward program!

It seems that IOST will focus on building the IOST ecosystem and developer community towards the release of the final test net (Everest v 2.0).

This time, IOST launched a remuneration program for developers. It is possible for all developers to participate and contribute, and it is possible to earn rewards and prizes for the development of the IOST project and ecosystem.

The developer fee program launched this time will be the first of three reward programs along with the launch of the bug discovery bonus and the DApp reward program to be released in the future .

Participation method, Slack of IOST, whether you join the Telegram group, that I am to follow the official account of the Medium, developers of everyone will check all of the latest mission, is possible to claim the reward It will be possible. The incentive program will soon be announced on the IOST official website and developers will be able to easily request work and incentives.

Missions that developers can join

Task 1: IOST Chrome Plugin · Wallet

Chrome plug-in wallet for token management like Metamask / Scatter.

Tasks include

  • Switch between main net and test net
  • Wallet interface design
  • IOST token support function
  • Interaction with DApps
  • Multilingual option
  • Platform: Chrome

Reward range: 80,000 – 500,000 IOST

Task 2: IOST online IDE

An IDE that can be used to compile, deploy, and invoke smart contracts. IOST’s online IDE provides a smart contract template (optional) and a powerful online editor.

Tasks include:

  • Code editor and interface editor
  • compiler
  • debugger
  • Other functions: plug-in, code obfuscation and version control etc.
  • Integration

Reward range: 170,000 – 1,000,000 IOST

Task 3: Smart Contract Development Framework

Tasks include:

  • Compile, deploy and manage embedded smart contracts
  • Automated test
  • Dependency management using NPM (or similar package tool) based on the IOST standard
  • Support for ongoing integration and deployable build processes
  • Supports external script execution

Reward range: 170,000 – 1,000,000 IOST

Task 4: Multilingual SDKs

We already have Javascript SDK, and developers will be responsible for providing with Golang, Python, Java, Ruby, Swift and Kotlin.

Tasks include:

  • Deploy smart contracts on IOST block chain
  • Communication between IOST nodes
  • Interaction of on-chain information
  • Wallet peripheral function support

Reward: 170,000 – 1,000,000 IOST

Task 5: IOST Docs Translation

Website link: https://developers.iost.io

  • Target languages: Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, French

Reward: 70,000-500,000 IOST

Task 6: Hardware wallet integration

Development of hardware / wallet integration related to IOST’s main net · token management.

Tasks include:

  • Key management
  • Token and transaction management
  • -Trezor Reward range: 170,000-1,000,000 IOST
  • -KeepPay Reward range: 170,000-1,000,000 IOST
  • – Nano Ledger Reward range: 170,000 – 1,000,000 IOST

Task 7: Mac / PC Wallet

Digital asset management functions (including but not limited to:

  • Call transaction
  • Accept transaction
  • Overview of historical transactions and other wallet data

Reward range: 120,000-800,000 IOST

Task 8: iOS / Android Wallet

Digital asset management functions (including but not limited to:

  • Call transaction
  • Accept transaction
  • Overview of historical transactions and other wallet data

Reward range: 120,000-800,000 IOST

Task 9: DApp demonstrations and courses (carried out in the second half)

Tasks mainly include the following:

  • Different types of IOST DApp Demo
  • Introduction and tutorial on IOST project and block chain technology

Reward range: 10,000+ IOST

Mission request method

Mission release

On Monday morning 11 am (GMT + 8), IOST updates the mission on Slack (iost-community.slack.com) and these updates are made by IOST’s Telegram group (English and Chinese channels), Medium English and Chinese channels), and Github at the same time.

By you fill in the form below, you can apply for the developers of the mission. As soon as it is submitted, IOST team will contact you. In case

Development Project Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdVRCygrDxLN8ysuHKi_9cayB6kjSfHkLThiXPM-Jv8nc-l1A/viewform?usp=sf_link

Mechanism of remuneration to introducers

IOST also sets up a mechanism for prize money for introducers. You can recommend IOST to qualified developers and request referral incentives. When the project is completed by the recommended team, the introducer will be awarded 3% of the project development total budget.

Mission reward

The amount of remuneration is determined by the duration and complexity of each project. As soon as the incentive program is posted on the official website, we will continue to initiate more incentive mechanisms.

Mission progress · completion

At 18:00 every Friday (GMT + 8), IOST gathers information on the development progress of each project and gives the developer a reward for the completed one. Developers need to inform IOST about the progress in order to qualify for project review and payment by Thursday (GMT + 8) 18:00.

Update project updates will be posted on Slack, Telegram (Chinese and English channels), Github.

Mechanism of developer ranking

After performance evaluation of each development project, developers are scored and ranked. These scoring points are used to evaluate applicants. Developers who repeat high-quality projects repeatedly will have opportunities for long-term cooperation with the IOST and receive higher compensation.

Performance is ranked evaluates to 18:00 (GMT + 8) the end of each month. By the rank, the top three developers will receive compensation based on the status of “Elite Developer” and win the IOST special gift.

Quality control / risk management

When the project is submitted, the team will check the quality of each project. If the developer / development team encounters a delay in deadline or problems that can not continue development, the developer / development team must inform the IOST in advance and explain the situation. Projects that are not completed will not receive reward. Once the project is submitted, IOST has full copyright and the developer / development team can not use the project or its content for other commercial purposes. If you have any questions or comments, please join Slack’s developer channel (https://invite.iost.io/).

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