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IOST Launches Stable USD iUSD This Month


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In CryptoTImes, we will introduce news related to cryptocurrency and other niche information overseas. I’m interested in Ethereum’s Layer 2 technology.

It is announced that IOST will launch stable coin iUSD on IOST.

iUSD was developed by Rate 3 which is a node partner of the IOST ecosystem, and supports USDC, TUSD, USDT (in the future), and other stable coin token swaps of the ERC 20 standard .

This means that it will be possible to exchange between IOST and other block chain networks, which means that the liquidity that has been a problem in non-ERC 20 stable coin has been cleared.

In addition, the market capitalization of USDC (USDCoin) and TUSD (TrueUSD) has reached the equivalent of USD 450 million in total, and it is easy to access these assets with the token swap of iUSD. It leads to a potential expansion.

Currently, stable coin market of ERC20 standard is unexplored, and it is expected that this solution that enables seamless token swap will be able to attract more people to the IOST ecosystem.

Overseas mobile multi-wallet “TokenPocket” supports IOST and allows access to DApps and node voting from within the app-CRYPTO TIMES

Article Source: Offical Launch of iUSD Stablecoin | Tapping Into Existing Networks For New Users, Fresh Capital and Global Liquidity

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