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IOST's efforts to comply with laws and regulations related to Japanese blockchain regulations

With increasing compliance with digital property laws and regulations, relevant rules and guidelines have been released in many countries and regions. While being one of the most mature blockchain markets, Japan is also one of the earliest countries that regulate the blockchain industry and provide legal guarantees.

2016 May 25 Let's get back to the day. 2017 The revised Fund Settlement Act, which came into effect on April 1, May Approved and established on the day. In order to comply with Japanese law, IOST is a DApps team whose Dapps development team is worthy from September 2019 And work with the DApps team to ensure legal compliance.

For end users

IOST is regulated in all markets I understand that the rules are important.

We inform all casino DApps developers that we will block the IP addresses of users from China and Japan.

IOST never promotes risky DApps in the community.

DApp category

2019Year10Moon21 As of today, IOST mainnet has 49 DApps have been developed, of which less than 1/4 of the total 11 DApps needed to improve compliance.

This low percentage will allow developers to develop Casino DApps, while IOST provides special support and assistance, such as improving the quality of DApps, to facilitate the development of DApps Due to the fact that I never recommended it.

This is a huge advantage for blockchain technology.

Open-Source Platform Management

As an open source platform, IOST's public blockchain allows any developer to develop on that chain.

Therefore, the IOST Foundation will not interfere with any DApp development.

However, the Foundation communicates with developers on regular fundamentals, suggestions for long-term operations, and building a sound DApp ecosystem.

Relationships With DApp Teams

IOST strives to build a decentralized platform, which does not directly intervene in the commercialization of DApp products.

On the other hand, IOST provides constructive advice on communicating with and working with the casino DApps team to build a healthier IOST DApp ecosystem.

IOST DApp Ecosystem

The IOST DApp ecosystem has been fully improved in quality thanks to the Foundation's efforts. Over a period of less than two months, the various statistics of casino DApps (three main criteria: DAU, transaction, volume) have decreased dramatically, with each criterion 50% less

According to DAppRadar.com data, Casino DApps, 7 days in DAU, transactions, and volume , Accounting for less than 21% of all DApps. This means that the proportion of casino DApps in the DApp ecosystem is relatively low.

Establish industry standards to promote DApp Industry compliance

IOST is outstanding in the public chain.

Meanwhile, IOST actively builds the DApp ecosystem And encourage developers to create high quality games.

In collaboration with traditional game makers, IOST is a series of featured products including Xianjian 5 and IOST Legend. Launched the game. The latter led IOST to a new era in the DApp ecosystem.

That means bringing traditional game users to chain-on games and rewarding them with high rewards while providing users with the best gaming experience.

Meanwhile, Xianjian 5 has become a milestone in the combination of game and blockchain. IOST attracted many developers with the “Featured DApps Program” that builds games on the IOST mainnet, and many high-quality games such as CryptoNinja, Herorats, XPET, IOST Crypto Sanguo, and Eternal Fafnir have been launched.

CryptoNinja is the first complete on-chain DApp to demonstrate the value of blockchain technology. Herorats increases the value of the game by connecting the game and public welfare. XPET is exploring different ways to use DApps with new modules such as authenticity of cross-chain game assets.

On the other hand, IOST is the law of the DApp ecosystem Establish industry standards and legal compliance to promote development in line with

IOST as an open source platform While ensuring the maximum level of mainnet decentralization, we will do our best to clean up the DApp ecosystem through DApps support for quality and communication with developers:

  • The amount of Casino DApps is all Less than 20% of DApps.
  • China Japanese and Japanese IP addresses are blocked from Casino DApps.
  • DAU , Transactions, transaction volumes, and other metrics for Casino DApps are for the entire IOST ecosystem % less.
  • user Inform about casino DApps risk to community announcements and daily notices to remind you of the risk of property loss and addiction.
  • IOST Will enhance resources and cooperation with other high quality DApp teams. Also stop sensitive content promotions.

Compared to Ethereum and other mainstream major public chains, IOST has the highest level of compliance with the DApp ecosystem.

And that will be the most important for IOST to access the Japanese blockchain market.

IOST believes that efforts to comply with the law are a good example of this industry. In order to ultimately share the benefits of blockchain technology with more people, it is very important to ensure legal compliance in order to realize the potential of blockchain and promote mass adaptation.

Author: Arata – Source Post: http://gestyy.com/w5KFYp

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