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IOST's Secret Weapon 'OASIS' is coming soon


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In CryptoTImes, we will introduce news related to cryptocurrency and other niche information overseas. I’m interested in Ethereum’s Layer 2 technology.

The secret weapon of OAST, which CEO Jimmy mentioned in the interview with CryptoTimes, is OASIS, but the details were announced.

OASIS is described as a platform that makes IOST access to DApps easier and connects the real world with the blockchain.

By using this, users who do not have wallet or blockchain knowledge can also play IOST DApps, and IOST is expected to attract more users.

In addition, the OASIS platform takes the following approaches to various problems that have been regarded as technical barriers so far;

  • No need to register account or keep secret key
  • Eliminate consumption of resources
  • Fair, transparent and non-rewritable transactions
  • Game verifiable fairness
  • Easy and smooth DApps move

In this way, by solving various factors that have been considered as barriers to DApps’ Mass-Adoption, I would like to pay attention to whether it will attract general users in the future.

What is the “secret weapon” after IOST main net release? Exclusive interview with IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong!

Article Source: IOST Unveiling Its Secret Weapon — OASIS | The Best Technology Is Invisible

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