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IOTA and Volkswagen launch 2019 cars with Blockchain technology

IOTA and Volkswagen launch 2019 cars with Blockchain technology

The list of IOTA partnerships is becoming more and more impressive as time progresses. The collaboration with VW is certainly the most exciting. It is now known that IOTA and VW will launch the first cars with Blockchain technology in 2019.

The latest announcement from IOTA refers to the “Digital CarPass”. The announcement was made by Benjamin Sinram, head of the Blockchain research team at Volkswagen. This was the occasion of the Smart Mobility meets Blockchain Technologies event in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The “Digital CarPass” should collect usage data via the IOTA Blockchain and thus ensure that the vehicle data is reliable and safe. In addition, the vehicles should be able to pay for services on their own. It is the latest integration of IOTA into real-world applications. The “Digital CarPass” should appear in 2019.

The world of vehicles is facing radical modernization. Distributed Ledger Technology should play a major role in this. Autonomous, ie driverless, vehicles are a fascinating application for IOTA. That's because all the vehicles in the world deliver individual data that you can evaluate. This allows vehicle manufacturers to tailor their products or sell the data profitably.

Volkswagen works very closely with IOTA. So close even that the Chief Digital Officer of VW, Johann Jungwirth, joined the IOTA Supervisory Board. VW and Jungwirth assume that the digital transformation is inevitable.

Before Cebit 2018, Jungwirth tweeted:

“At Cebit18, Volkswagen will present, together with IOTA, a proof of concept for reliably documenting reliable transmission of software over the airwaves to Tangle vehicles. This is a great example of how to use the blockchain in the future. “

Volkswagen, together with @iotatoken wants to show at # cebit18 a proof of concept for the trusted transfer of software over-the-air to vehicles. Great example how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future pic.twitter.com/4wuc7pdKfv

– Johann Jungwirth (@JohannJungwirth) June 9, 2018

The “Digital CarPass” is the main project that VW and IOTA are pursuing together as part of the partnership. At the beginning of the year, both had presented the project as a proof of concept.

When the project was presented at Cebit at the time, the focus was still on the reliable transfer of software. The new “CarPass”, on the other hand, focuses on the reliable collection of data. The aim is to increase the efficiency of Volkswagen vehicles.

Nevertheless, the “CarPass” is only one of five projects that IOTA and VW are currently promoting together. Another is the integration of the blockchain in vehicles of the Porsche brand, which also belongs to VW. It is reportedly mainly a “blockchain-based identity solution”. With this, several individuals should be able to share a vehicle.

IOTA and Volkswagen launch 2019 cars with Blockchain technology

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