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Iran's Bitcoin price surpassed 24,000 dollars, whether mining legalization is affected

Bitcoin.com reported that the price of Bitcoins (BTC) exceeded $ 24,000 (about 2.66 million yen) in Iran, affected by the weakening of their currencies and the legalization of mining.

The record of the highest value of 24,000 dollars this time resulted in a drastic rewrite of the record high of 20,000 dollars (about 2.22 million yen) recorded in December of last year at EXIR, the country’s exchange. It was.

# ExchangeIran #BitcoinIran #Iran #Bitcoin #IranEconomy pic.twitter.com/VKTZ47UDOo Price exchange rate is not nearly at all all time high in Iranian local currency. Bitcoin bull markets already started in Iran as Rial price goes down against against USD.

– EXIR (@ EXIR_Official) September 3, 2018

EXIR tweeted about this news that it has become a bull market (bull market) since the real legal currency of the country started to fall against the dollar.

The background of this price rise is believed to be a major factor in the substantial decline in real due to economic sanctions from the United States and approval by the government mining .

Also, the news that the transaction volume of Bitcoin has increased greatly even in Turkey where the currencies are plummeting the other day has also been reported the other day.

Article Source: Bitcoin.com


I hope to be that price globally …

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