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It is reported that 400,000 ETH was remitted from ICO related wallet in the past 30 days

According to the data released by Santiment on data analysis of the cryptocurrency on Wednesday 17th, more than 400,000 ETH has been leaked from Wallet tied to the ICO project over the past 30 days .

Santiment said that the collected data was not tracked until ETH was traded on the exchange and that these data only showed the possibility that the ETH was sold.

Looking at the data published by the company, we can see that the amount of ETH that flowed out in the past 30 days has increased significantly compared to October and before.

Also, looking at the ranking of ETH consumed in Santiment’s past 30 days, the most consumed is Kyber Network (KNC), which spends 67,290 ETH in the past 30 days . KNC has raised 50,090,000 ETH in ICO and the Wallet balance is 5,560 ETH.

In the ranking, following the KNC, the names of the projects such as SingularDTV (60,370 ETH), Aragon (50,000 ETH), Friendz (41,890 ETH) etc. are lined up.

Article Source: Santiment


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