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It is reported that Hong Kong's Billionaire Mr. Li Ka Makoto invested in Bakkt (backt)

Forbes reported on Monday that Mr. Lee Jai Makoto, who is Chairman of the Yangtze Business Group , the largest scale group in Hong Kong, joined as a supporter of the cryptocurrency exchange Bakkt (Backt) . According to Forbes, Mr. Lee has invested through Horizon Ventures, a venture capital managed by him.

Bakkt updated the official blog and announced that it raised 82.5 million dollars (about 19.7 billion yen) in Series A funding and that Horizon Ventures joined the investment source . In addition, it is stated that Boston Consulting, Galaxy Digital, Pantera Capital, etc. were added as other investors.

Bakkt is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by InterContinental Exchange (ICE), the source of the New York Stock Exchange, and has attracted attention also from partnerships with major companies such as Microsoft and Starbucks.

The exchange was supposed to start bit-coin futures trading in December last year, but it is reported that it was postponed until the first quarter of this year because “further preparation is necessary .”

Bakkt announces postponement of Bitcoin futures trading platform – CRYPTO TIMES

According to Forbes, Mr. Lee said the asset is estimated at 34.9 billion dollars (about 3.8 trillion yen), and he has invested in block chain companies such as Bitpay and Blockstream through Horizon Ventures.

Although it is a cryptocurrency market where the falling market continues, it seems that this news was a positive news for investors for the first time in a long time.

Article Source: Forbes, Bakkt


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