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It turned out that the total amount of ICO in Europe is equal to the sum of Asia + US! Is Switzerland or Malta a tow.

FABRIC VENTURES survey report clarified that the amount of money procured by ICO in Europe is comparable to the amount of money procured by ICO by the US and Asia .

According to the survey, it seems that the total amount of procurement in Europe is 4.1 billion dollars (about 460 billion yen) and the procurement amount in the US and Asia is 4.9 billion dollars (550 billion yen).

Europe (Switzerland + others) America + Asia
ICO procurement amount Approximately ¥ 62.4 billion + approximately 397.6 billion yen = ¥ 460 billion Approximately 260 billion yen + about 290 billion yen = about 550 billion yen

Among Europe, Switzerland seems to be $ 566 million (about 62.4 billion yen), the total of Gibraltar and Malta is 300 million dollars (about 33.7 billion yen).

The city of Zug in Switzerland is called “Crypt Valley”, and there are many cryptocurrency-related companies and the number is about 600 companies.

600 companies in Switzerland have cryptocurrency related companies! It turned out that the valuation amount reached 4.9 trillion yen (total amount), too!

Also, since Malta and Gibraltar are tax havens and the whole country is friendly to the cryptocurrency, many cryptocurrency companies are trying to enter Malta and Gibraltar.

Why is Malta, a developed currency country, hot now?

It seems that the relationship between taxation and regulation is the reason for the ICO gathering in Europe. From the ICO side, the tax is low, so regulations are loose or clear people are easy to do.


Author: Yush [Coin Desk News] – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/eu-ico-asia-ameica/

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