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It turns out that about half of China's cryptocurrency-related litigation occurred in 2018

Three points of this article!

  • About half of China’s cryptocurrency-related litigation occurred last year in 2018
  • Fraud activity increases significantly since the cryptocurrency boom in 2017
  • In China, calls for attention on cryptocurrency etc. are being made

Article Source: Bitcoin.news

China’s trial database “China Judgements Online” clarified that half of Chinese cryptocurrency-related litigation occurred in 2018 .

In China, about half of the total of 406 litigation related to virtual currencies occurred in 2018, and despite regulators enforced crackdown, the increase in fraud activity since the cryptocurrency boom in 2017 is remarkable It is getting.

According to the database, it is suggested that at least 202 cryptocurrency related scams were spread through more than 3000 platforms.

Li Lihui, president of the National Internet Finance Association (NIFA, China Telescopic Financial Association), took up the event at Tsinghua University and stated the transparency of stable coins as follows.

“In the cryptocurrency trading platform, the market price of stable coins is tens of millions of dollars, but some are not transparent, there is no management by the authorities, there is a risk in reliability.


Despite extensive regulation in China, virtual fraud related fraud seems to continue to increase

Author: Daichi – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/china_lawsuits_double_2018/

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