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It will be held tomorrow! Coin price organizer event “Next Economy Conference 2018”

It will be held tomorrow! Coin price organizer event "Next Economy Conference 2018"

The event “Next Economy Conference 2018” sponsored by the application “coin market” that many people conducting cryptocurrency trading puts is held on Saturday, September 15 at the KFC Hall in both countries. This event is planned not only for panel discussions but also booths for many projects on block chains and virtual currencies.

At next Economy Conference 2018 from 15 o’clock tomorrow we will issue tokens limited within the hall. # Coin quotation You can use the wallet to experience the actual use of tokens, such as settlement and tokens.
Since I increased the number of people for the past 40 people, if you have time, please come and join us. https://t.co/KEbjS4OOb0 pic.twitter.com/SfXPNWaRT8

– Coin Market – cryptocurrency Application – by ⛩️ COINJINJA (@ coinjinja) September 14, 2018

Also, it is possible to issue a unique token which is only available at Next Economy Conference 2018, and it is also possible to actually experience the use.

Since wallet was implemented in coin price, it seems interesting to be able to experience variously.


It will be held tomorrow! Coin price organizer event "Next Economy Conference 2018"

Date and time: Saturday, September 15, 2018 15: 00 – 20: 00

Venue: KFC Hall (Binji Station)

Capacity: 360

Organized by: COINJINJA Corporation

Registration is here (※ additional final seat of 40 seats)


Session 1. Can a cryptocurrency create a turning point for region creation
How far will the idea of ​​Fintech and region creation work? Practitioners talk about the scene.
【Moderator】 Kazuaki Obata @ Wakayama (Regional Conference / Founder)
Hideki Shoda @ Nishi Akura Village (chaintope Co., Ltd. / president)
Shuhei Kawada @ Hidatakayama (Fino Valley Co., Ltd. / President)
Mr. Fukayama Circulation @ Kaga (Smart Value / Development Promotion Group Team Leader)

Session 2. In a world of block chains, Japanese companies can win
How to create a chain itself is how Japan fighting with no major projects in the mainstream of the world.
[Moderator] Masahiro Takeda (Gentosha Co., Ltd. / Editor of “New economy”)
Junya Hirano (Hash Hub Co., Ltd. / co-founder & COO)
Mikio Fukai (Mobile Factory Co., Ltd. / Executive Officer)
Kenpei Nakamura (Token Pocket Co., Ltd. / co-founder)

Session 3. The shape of the new community created by the Japanese-originated token project
The present state of the community formation of the project that started from the form of new financing called ICO.
[Moderator] Point (Hypernate)
Ahn Chang Ho (ALIS Founder / CEO)
Kamiya Tomomi (SynchroLife, Limited / Founder & CEO)

Session 4. Coin Market: About the dApps Platform Concept
CEO Xu will develop dApps on the spot on the coin market and talk about future plans from COO Numazaki.

It will be held tomorrow! Coin price organizer event "Next Economy Conference 2018"


  • Mixin Network
  • Block rating
  • Propy
  • Earth Ship (Hardware Wallet Japan)

Exhibited at the start-up booth

It is a booth that introduces startups within 1 year of establishment on block chains and cryptocurrency related.

  • TokenPocket: Japan’s first dApps browser wallet
  • CanPayment: Domestic wallet corresponding to Mona and ripple, Developers up to half a year ago high school student
  • Gaudiy: Corporate token economy formation service
  • CryptoPush: cryptocurrency Volume Monitoring & Notification Application
  • volvox: “Autonomous decentralized organization (DAO)” formation service
  • HashHub: Studio type co-working space dedicated to cryptocurrency and block chain area

We plan to prepare several booths that utilize cryptocurrency settlement.

In addition, there is also a plan to write down “Coin Shrine Akusejin” by ALIS Anse who newly added “Oshimagu Category”.

※ The content of the lecture may be changed.

Author: Arata – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/next-economy-conference/

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