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[Japanese version] ARE Summary of DREP! Let's check frequently asked questions


It is Satchan (@ vcvc_stc). I have decided to leave the JAPAN community manager of DREP from the other day.

The latest information on DREP is disseminated by Japan Official Telegram (in Japanese, of course), so I’m pleased if you can join us as well!

This article held the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) of DREP.

Below is a summary of the AMA this time, plus the questions and answers that were in the past. I hope you find it helpful.

Describe the characteristics and future of cryptocurrency DREP! ICO information · Competitive comparison Summary

Questions about DREP technology


Technical related questions of DREP are summarized here.

Q: Is there a super node or master node of DREP?

There is no super node or master node.

All nodes of the DREP network are equal and there is an election (voting) process that selects several nodes as the governor of each epoch.

Governors are not permanent because they are not considered super nodes or master nodes in the traditional sense to avoid risks.

Q: Please tell me about inflation model of DREP? / Is there a future?

Each time a block is created, it becomes a dynamic inflation model in which the specified token is generated.

The token generation ratio is controlled and adjusted by the governance contract.

Q: Are there benefits of having a DREP token before mainnet release?

Before launching the main net, some DRApp can use the DREP token as a means of settlement .

The DREP token will be released as ERC 20 until the main net release.

Q: Please tell us about the current development situation of DREP

We have already made various progress.

The development progress of the DREP chain is as follows.

  • Network module: 100%
  • Cryptographic module: 100%
  • PBFT module: 50%
  • Data structure of block chain: 80%
  • Data storage: for the time being, most of the data is stored in memory

In the future we plan to carry out the following.

  • PoS module; Data storage for storing data in Level DB
  • All data structure of block chain

The development progress of DREP’s reputation protocol (a system for quantifying and monetizing reputation) is as follows.

  • Reputation Quantification Algorithm: 100%
  • Reputation monetization algorithm: 100%
  • Reputation incentive algorithm: 100%

In the future we plan to carry out the following.

  • Reputation investment algorithm and reputation transfer algorithm

Regarding the DRApp layer, there are four platforms signed for commercial deployment with the DREP Foundation. Detailed announcement about these onboarding is scheduled.

We will also release the Blockbate tester adoption and community partner scheme soon, which will benefit both DREP and the community.

In the data layer, we collaborate with India’s big data project Zebi and collaborate online and offline data.

Also, in collaboration with Triip.me, a travel platform from Vietnam, I studied the reputation quantification algorithm and stored the reputation data on the trip in the chain.

Q: Can DREP Chain run content-focused DRApp?

Yes. DREP Chain is designed to meet the needs of various platforms, including content, e-commerce, games and many other platforms .

In addition, we collaborate with Ziggurat, which provides IP authentication and protection service, to provide one-stop service for quantification of reputation and IP protection.

In many cases, platforms will store reputation data rather than content on the chain, and we recommend doing so.

Q: What kind of technology does DREP have?

The DREP chain is a new scale-out architecture with dual layer structure and mutually independent governance mechanism within the shard.

Reputation and platform related questions

DREP AMA reputation

I am summarizing the questions about the reputation and platform that DREP deals with.

As a platform owner, I can create my own reputation model and scoring mechanism, and its reputation value can be shared between different platforms, is not it? At this time, what happens if you build an environment to use on a different platform, by manipulating evaluation values ​​with malicious intent on the platform of your own (to use it for fraud etc.)?

First, since the reputation values ​​of various platforms are normalized to the same range, the mechanism can not be tampered with extreme values.

In calculating user reputation values, different weights are assigned to different platforms based on platform popularity, relevance, reputation and impact.

Reputation values ​​can be consulted on a consensus basis between different platforms in the DREP ecosystem.

Therefore, if one platform is fraudulent and unreliable, the other platform will not reference the reputation value of the user.

Also, the DREP Executive Board (Council) is responsible for managing and maintaining the DREP network.

What is DREP Council
The DREP Executive Board (Council) is responsible for reviewing DRApp’s qualifications and determining whether it can access the DREP compensation pool. If the system reports misconduct on one platform, the DREP board (Council) can delete the system from the network.

How will DREP incorporate the existing Internet platform?

There are already 4 DRApps in the network. Typically, we identify the type of platform and the potential problems it encounters and show how the problem is solved or alleviated by the ecosystem’s solution.

In the four DRApps, there is a process of effectiveness verification for displaying / tracking progress.

In the case of early adapters, depending on the platform itself and the level of participation, we will receive more technical support regarding installation and implementation.

Apart from technology, DREP will also introduce a lot of resources to nurture the platform, such as exposure to media and introduction of resources.

If the company is very promising, you can also receive fund investment to better coordinate mutual benefits.

It is also worth noting that overall concept and design are resistant to obstacles.

DREP also supports testing of whether companies can properly operate DREP tokens and their own cryptocurrency (tokens) in the ecosystem.

How do you consider DREP to target large companies and make them use the DREP chain?

DREP AMA facebook Amazon

In the early stages, it is the main strategy to operate on small and medium-sized platforms.

The main reason for this is that the small and medium-sized platforms are more specialized in one area and the reputation data of user profiling becomes more accurate because we can understand the user’s persona more in detail.

In addition, small and medium-sized platforms also try to actively share reputation data to access wider user pools of reputation connectors.

In this way, DREP can get the user’s reputation value from different dimensions.

As more platforms participate , reputation data becomes more accurate and worthwhile.

In a reputable data house that functions as a super online ID, it makes it easy to approach large companies.

If Amazon and Facebook are willing to introduce their own cryptocurrency, DREP must grow until you realize it is not so easy.

Our value is added, USP becomes existing user base, valuable data accumulates.

In addition, DREP can cooperate with a large platform through protocols, has the advantage of more flexibility and customization.

In summary
It is a strategy to adopt a small platform and strengthen the foundation and approach approach to big places.

If the reputation-based project on DREP does not work, how do you deal with DREP?

One of the reasons why reputation-based projects do not work well is that there are constraints on mass adoption and scalability.

There are already four DRApps in the chain on DREP, and we are attracting more attention from the various platforms participating in the ecosystem.

We have been supporting and supporting DRApp / platform development for the community.

The Signal Plan is one way to develop the developer community and the Blockbate usability test will also be good for the community.

DREP focuses on solving two industry weaknesses and is confident as a complete ecosystem over the project.

How does DREP work as a way to attract users from a reputation-based platform that is not based on block chains (such as Youtube or Reddit)?

Many platforms have a reputable ranking system inside.

One of the goals of DREP is to tokenize the reputation ranking system so that users’ reputation values ​​can be more diverse.

Through a mechanism to quantify and monetize reputation, people’s reputation values ​​are converted into measurable data and stored on the chain.

  1. As DREP’s quantified reputation can not be tampered with, it can prevent distortions and injustices in reputation values
  2. When the points of the previous platform are transferred to the token, the reputation becomes economically meaningful and it becomes possible to refer also between different platforms
  3. Owners of reputation tokens can create shared pool of token holders of reputation data, which enables users to target targeted platforms

The above three points can not be realized with existing centralized platforms, but they can be provided by DREP.

Also, we are working to cooperate with github’s open source coding team and try to give incentives to developers to integrate API interfaces, to increase exposure and interest, and lower entry barriers.

Q: Are there plans to meet up in China (or other countries)?

Yes. I plan to meet up in Shanghai in July and August. Perhaps we will also hold a joint meat-up with Zebi in India. Japan is also examining.

Is the number of issue tokens issued by DREP increased / decreased? Are you planning to receive a Smart Contract audit (security check)? Are you planning to reduce hard caps?

The number of DREP tokens issued remains unchanged. DREP has received a smart contract audit from two organizations, and has received evaluation that there is no security problem.

We may consider shrinking the hard caps by advice from the community and strategic investors.

Other questions


I have arrived at other questions and summarized.

Q: Why did Stephen (Xiaolong) participate in DREP leaving QTUM?

The following is the answer of Xiaolong.

“I personally had an interest in block chain infrastructure and design, at Qtum I was in a position to lead developers in China and, apart from building Qtum’s public chain, I did technical support in the block chain technology by the team.These technical assistance / consulting is the activity I have carried out by themselves.With such activity in various fields, I am a public chain, consortium · We were able to experience problems in various different models and technologies at chain, dApp, and we began to develop to overcome the limitations of scalability, pondering how to widely adopt block chains, It is to build a distributed reputation system, DREP. “

Q: Who is developing DREP? What kind of technology is DREP? Compared to BTC and ETH, how is it for me who wants to HODL DREP?

Software developers and block chain developers are four from China and the United States, including two co-founders who have experienced collaborative projects with Microsoft, Google, QTUM Foundation.

The more complete the DREP ecosystem, the more precious and versatile the token will be.

Q: Has KYC and Whitelist finished?

Yes. However, after whitelist registration is over and a new partnership has been concluded, we may consider reopening the whitelist as we have received many requests for reopening.

Q: There are quite a few partnerships in DREP. Can you describe the actual cooperation process, except for ambiguous partnerships?

The direction of partnership is stated in the announcement.

As some examples of concrete partnerships, DREP will work with Australian e-commerce platform HarkHark to integrate DREP’s structure into next generation APP.

DREP advises projects such as Blockbate and EggFoster to develop reputation algorithms and tokenomixes.

Details about each partnership is posted on the official Medium.

Q: I’m happy to have a bounty!

Please note that there is no prize, remittance, referral program.

Marketing was conducted without protecting the interests of the token owner, aiming at communities interested in the growth of the project, without air drops, incentives and referral campaigns.

If you want a bounty, please join the community partner program and Blockbat usability test. Here you can earn DREP tokens as rewards.

Finally: On future movements of DREP


We will present DRApp’s partnership and strategic investment. Please wait for details.

Thank you for reading our first AMA summary! I am very grateful to everyone in the community. Thank you for consistent support!

Who do you think is the man in the image? Please wait for his video soon to be released.



An announcement article of DREP will be released at the Cryptotimes. We look forward to your continued support of DREP!

Describe the characteristics and future of cryptocurrency DREP! ICO information · Competitive comparison Summary

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