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John McAfee “Distributed exchanges will defeat the centralized type”

John McAfee "Distributed exchanges will defeat the centralized type"

John McAfee , known as McAfee’s founder of security software, will update his Twitter and say “Distributed Exchange (DEX) will beat the centralized exchanges in the near future” I revealed my idea .

Decentralized exchanges, when fully functional, will mark the end of any potential control by governments and will be the beginning of the largest economic boom in human history.https: //t.co/GwqQAABLSU

– John McAfee (@officialmcafee) September 15, 2018

McAfee is known in the cryptocurrency area as a person who gives a very candid opinion. He is also one of the people promoting DEX, and it is said to be the evolutionary way of the cryptocurrency .

The traditional centralized exchanges, like securities exchanges, have administrators (enterprises) in the center and take charge of commissions to mediate transactions. One DEX employs a system like P2P (Peer to Peer), and there is no central administrator and it deals directly between users.

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In centralized exchanges, there is a danger that the central administrator will leak customer information and assets, but in DEX customers can reduce their risks because they have their own assets at hand.

Recently, Vitalic Briten, founder of the company, said that DEX is able to increase the value of a block chain through its openness and transparency, and seems to be standing in the same position as Mr. McAfee .

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John McAfee "Distributed exchanges will defeat the centralized type"


I guess it’s growing, but it’s not quite as main stream

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