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Korea's leading cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb cuts 50% of its employees


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Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange firm Bithumb has announced the implementation of a massive layoff (temporary dismissal), CoinDesk Korea reported on the 18th. The number of employees is reportedly reduced from 310 in early March to 150 by the end of the same month.

According to a representative interviewed by CoinDesk Korea, many of the employees who are subject to the layoff have long wished to leave the company and will be treated as “voluntary leave” .

A Bithumb representative says, “The voluntary retirement is part of our support program for former employees and has the purpose of providing training and assistance in placement placement.”

Bithumb was reported to partner with a venture company in the United Arab Emirates in February this year to open a trading exchange in the country. While aggressively promoting overseas development and handling of OTC transactions, the transaction volume has been stagnant.

It turns out that Bithumb (Bitsam) of Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange will open an exchange in UAE (UAE)! – CRYPTO TIMES

At the same time, it is reported that the number of personnel involved in new business will be added in the future.

Article Source: CoinDesk Korea

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