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Krypto Newsflash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Cardano, Tron and VeChain

Krypto Newsflash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Cardano, Tron and VeChain

Not everyone has time to track all the news in the world of cryptocurrencies. Often, however, it is just small messages that help to identify trends early on. There comes a short overview often located. I would like to get one here today. Let's take a look at the things that have moved the crypto industry over the past week.

On August 25, JP Mangalindan of Yahoo! Finance “interviewed Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. It was also about Bitcoin. Ohanian explained why he views Bitcoin's prospects as good.

So he said in the interview:

“At the moment it looks like a value investment and it is really gaining momentum. One must also remember that countries like Turkey have significant economic problems. People are losing confidence in the Turkish lira, so we see that they invest money in Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin itself is volatile, it is much more stable for many people than its national fiat currency. Nevertheless, we are still in the earliest start phase. “

Joseph Lubin is the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of the blockchain technology company ConsenSys. Now the YouTube channel “Hidden Forces” has conducted a wide-ranging interview with Lubin. Lubin talked about his personal career, the progress of ConsenSys and the future of dApps. He also explained how Ethereum could solve its scaling problems.

The IOTA Foundation has released the long-awaited desktop wallet “Trinity” this week as part of a public beta phase. Now IOTA is waiting for the feedback from the users of the Wallet. Earlier, IOTA successfully passed the wallet on several security audits.

Charles Hoskinson from Cardano gave a speech at the conference “Crypto Summit 2018” explaining how Cardano wants to become the best protocol. In his presentation, he also addressed BitTorrent, which was recently acquired by Tron. Hoskinson highlighted BitTorrent as an example of a decentralized platform whose great success is based on its scalability.

Dian van Heijningen is the first Dutchman to sell his apartment for VeChain. He told the Dutch newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad” why he sees the future of VeChain positively. So van Heijningen said:

Something completely different, my house is for sale. Not payed with Crypto By the way.

However, it is possible to pay with $ VET 🤑



Loft apartment with sauna!
Price: € 390.000 #forsale #huistekoop #rotterdam #crypto #vechain #bitcoin #ethereum pic .twitter.com / rh8XComVdI

– VenDian (@GoConnectar) August 20, 2018

“The Chinese government is also playing VeChain and investing in the future of the cryptocurrency. For example, an authentication program has been developed in cooperation with government organizations. It can be used to determine if vaccines are genuine or not. “

Krypto Newsflash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Cardano, Tron and VeChain

Sources: Yahoo! Finance, Hidden Forces, Medium, Pixabay

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