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Ledger claims that sales have doubled in response to Binance hacking

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Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, who sells hardware wallets, has announced that terminal sales have doubled since the Binance hacking incident .

At a panel discussion on the future of money held within the Atomic Swap conference held by The Block, Pascal Gauthier spoke on the floor, saying:

Binance has been hacked and our sales have doubled on the day of the hacking incident.”

He mentioned the importance of security in cryptocurrency exchanges and argued that these are an integral part of the growth of cryptocurrency optimism.

“Ledger believes that the security to protect the cryptocurrency is inadequate. We think that cryptocurrency is a great technology, but private key and endpoint protection may be the only weakness.”

It is surmised that many cryptocurrency investors have withdrawn assets from the exchange and moved them to the hardware wallet as a result of Binance hacking damage.

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Stable coin, which is judged as a safety asset, is also reported to be distrusted to the tether ($ USDT) due to the bitfinex tether problem that is reported daily, which may have affected the increased demand for hardware wallet There is.

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Article Source: The Block

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