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LINE's DApps 'wizball' is also available from smart browsers

It was announced that Wizball of DApps developed by LINE CORPORATION and released in September this year, was compatible with all smart browsers .

Wizball is one of five DApps that form the LINK system of the economic zone “LINE Token Economy” utilizing a unique chain called LINK chain announced by LINE in September 2018. Currently, Wizball and 4 CAST Two of them are open to the public.

LINE announces details of “LINE Token Economy” including five DApps services that participate in the LINK ecosystem – by CryptoTimes

This application is a knowledge sharing platform application like Yahoo! Chiebukuro that answers questions submitted by someone and if the answer is chosen as the best answer by the questioner, LINK Point (1 LINK Point = 500 yen worth of LINE points Equivalent) is obtained . Users can set their own remuneration and question contents and post questions to the platform.

The question answer accompanied by such incentive is aimed at flowing better reliable information on the platform .

This time, it was announced that wizball which corresponded only to PC and android so far became compatible with general smart browsers, and it became easily accessible from smartphones and tablets .

Also , from December 19th today, at wizball, there is an event that you can earn up to 13.4LINK Pint (equivalent to 6700LINE points) as a year-end and new year campaign .

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