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Lite.IM now supports WhatsApp so that you can send and receive bitcoins on your a

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Lite.IMがWhatsAppに対応 アプリ上でビットコインの送受金ができるように

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Lite.IM , which develops technology to send and receive cryptocurrency on a messenger app, has started offering services on WhatsApp, which has more than 1.5 billion users.

The service currently supports two types, Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightcoin (LTC) , and can send and receive cryptocurrency in the sense of “talking” with a Lite.IM business account.

After adding an account from the dedicated link and completing the setup of the wallet, the message above will be displayed, and it will be possible to send money, receive money, and view transactions by sending the corresponding number. .

The service also has a referral system, and it seems that you can receive bitcoin rewards by inviting users.

Lite.IM supports Facebook Messenger, telegrams and SMS as well as WhatsApp.

The rumor that Facebook will introduce a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp users began at the end of last year, but there has been no progress and Lite.IM has been a step ahead in the form of external services.

Meanwhile, Facebook announced its proprietary cryptocurrency Libra (Libra) , and established a specialized subsidiary in Switzerland, the Libra Network (Libra Network) .

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