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Matrix AI Network June 2019 Activity Report

CRYPTO TIMES is currently releasing Matrix AI Network’s activity report on January 1st. This time, we will deliver a summary of the activity report issued in June.

Technology development

The Matrix team shares the progress of the mainnet, browser and wallet.

In terms of progress, the main net, browser, and wallet are all almost progressing.

Master node distribution chart

Matrix implements a master node, and currently there are 418 nodes in 36 countries.

Even for users who are a little burdensome to become a master node, a mechanism has also started that can be delegated to an approved master node and receive rewards in the form of joint mining.

Since this is a mechanism similar to conventional DPoS, even users with a small amount of MAN can receive rewards, so why not join us?

Also, Matrix community member Joey has released Matrix Tools, allowing users to easily check master node rewards and more. More features will be added in future updates.

Event held in June

Also, MatrixAI Network holds various events every month.

On June 27, Turkish Community Manager Sertac joined an offline Bibox-sponsored event in Istanbul.

This event will promote Bibox’s entry into the Turkish market and the dissemination of projects such as Matrix.

June 28th: ​​London community manager Lukas attended the event “Tokenize it!” Hosted by Kucoin. The event was attended by a number of funds, media and exchange officials, and there was a discussion about the tokenization.

Kucoin provides support through Matrix’s token swaps and airdrops, and will continue to maintain better cooperation in the future.

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