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Matrix AI Network's first DApps game “Horse Saga” released!

Horse Saga, the first DApps game in Matrix blockchain, was released on June 3rd. Play Horse Saga and earn MAN tokens!

Horse Saga lets you grow pretty horses and train them to compete in the race.

Currently, only Android users can play in advance, and PC users and iOS users will be released later.

What is Horse Saga?

Horse Saga is a game where players train, train and race horse teams to crown the world’s best horse and jockey tandems.

Train your assets and compete in high stake races, as stored in the annual rings of history!

Game mode

There are three basic game modes in Horse Saga:

1. Story mode
2. Competition match
3. Tournament

In story mode, players race in a challenging race, aiming to become the best horse and jockey pair in the world.

In a competition match, the challenge is to beat opponents of different skill levels. The winning player can win tokens and items.

In the tournament all players fight equally. If you win the tournament, your name is recorded in the Hall of Fame for Prosperity.

About the horse

There are a total of 6 horse levels from C to SSS. Horses at higher levels have stronger attributes.

The main features of the horse are speed, stamina, sprint ability, dexterity and wisdom ! Each horse is unique and has different skills.

Skills are triggered automatically during the race based on various factors, including the terrain during the race. Rare horses also have the special ability to unlock on various conditions.

Legends also describe the myths that are realized only under certain circumstances. Who has a good luck legendary player …?


Horses can be bred to produce the next generation of great horses.

Horse genes are transmitted to their offspring. Hardworking breeders can optimize matings to increase the likelihood of getting “mythic species”.

Horse market

At the racetrack you can sell both horses and jockeys. Players can also borrow each other’s horses for mating.


Once you enter the shrine and access Story Mode, you can use the Amulet feature and donate.


Players can join the area’s mining pool during the race to mine MAN tokens.

Each horse’s unique attributes affect mining efficiency. The higher the horse’s performance, the more efficiently it is possible to mine MAN tokens.

Certain items may also temporarily increase mining potential. Experienced racers can also launch their own mining pool after meeting specific requirements.


Horse Saga will add many other modes and gameplay styles in future updates, such as mini races and equipment systems.

Players can play one-on-one. This is a game of status. Bet on mountain land and defeat opponents worthy of challenge!

Various SNS

Horse Saga Official Site: http://horsesaga.com/

Horse Saga Twitter : https://twitter.com/HorseSagaGame

Horse Saga Medium : https://medium.com/@HorseSagaGame

Horse Saga English Telegram : https://t.me/HorseSagaGameEN

Horse Saga Japanese Telegram : https://t.me/HorseSagaGameJP

Horse Saga Chinese Telegram : https://t.me/HorseSagaGameCN

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