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MatrixAI Network Launches Matrix 2.0 Green Pa

The MatrixAI Network team released the Matrix 2.0 Green Paper on July 1st.

The Matrix team is a project that uses AI technology to solve four basic blockchain problems. The four challenges are scalability issues, security, ease of use, and wasted resources.

The Matrix 2.0 announced this time focuses on improving AI itself, using blockchains to authorize data assets, protect privacy, and manage computing power resources. To go.

The ultimate goal in the future is to train AI models to make them more accessible and affordable.

Matrix 2.0

AI technology has three core elements: computational power, data, and AI models. Training AI models requires a large amount of high quality data and a large amount of computing power.

Without these three factors, AI technology can not progress.

Computational power

Matrix 1.0 already solves most computing problems. In developing the Matrix AI Network, the team reduced the waste of computing power and created a more environmentally friendly network.

Using Matrix’s proprietary HPoW selection algorithm, only a small portion of the network’s computing power is used for mining operations.

You can turn the remaining idle computing power into more meaningful tasks to create value in areas such as cancer diagnosis, image recognition, and financial modeling.


Big data plays an integral role in AI technology. AI models are only useful when trained on high quality data models.

However, as the concept of “data oil” becomes more prominent, issues related to data privacy and data ownership also become more prominent.

Matrix 2.0 focuses on blockchain and distributed storage technology to drive multidimensional data consolidation and break through the “island of data” state.

AI Model and Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0, AI’s algorithms and models will be at the core of the ‘digital economy’.

With AI technology and Big Data, Matrix can train AI models that can be applied directly to industrial environments.

Matrix 2.0 will develop a blockchain-based AI economy with a focus on data, computing power and algorithmic models.

AI Model and People: Strengths of Matrix 2.0

Matrix has created a blockchain data platform that allows users (both businesses and individuals) to share data and receive rewards.

Once the data is uploaded, Matrix 2.0 uses blockchain to authorize data ownership.

This mechanism also helps protect data from theft as it is stored on distributed storage using encryption technology. At the same time, users who train AI models with uploaded data pay data owners.

Data owners receive rewards by uploading data. Owners of AI models use data to train their AI models. Matrix 2.0 is suitable for both individual and corporate users. Matrix AI Network also develops more accessible interfaces according to the needs of individual users.

On continuous growth

With Matrix 2.0 coming, Matrix AI Network will improve and add to the capabilities of the Matrix AI Network blockchain.

This constant improvement is critical to the success of Matrix 2.0. Matrix AI Network’s blockchain operating system provides developers with a variety of services, including Oracle services, multi-chain management, middleware solutions, smart contract creation, Dapp development, and various plug-ins.

The Matrix AI Network blockchain also provides various modules and services so that users can customize their own blockchain solution.

In Matrix 2.0, Matrix AI Network mining master nodes provide computing power. They form the hardware layer of Matrix 2.0. Bandwidth and storage providers provide distributed storage space and form data and AI model layers. The data uploaded by the user form the fluid multidimensional data platform that is the Matrix 2.0 software foundation. Manage computing power, data, and AI models using blockchain and distributed storage technologies to create a distributed “AI lifecycle” platform.

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