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Meetup “The Power of PoS”, scheduled for IOST and Tezos, will be held in Osaka on October 10th!

IOSTやTezosが登壇予定のミートアップ「The Power of PoS」が10月10日に大阪で開催!


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Meetup “ The Power of PoS '' on PoS (Proof of Stake) is 10Moon10 It will be held on Thursday (single) at singularity-hive in Osaka.

IOST, Tezos, etc. will be present at this event and will give presentations on PoS and staking.

Ethereum is going to move from PoW, PoS is a field that is attracting attention along with staking that can earn rewards by depositing cryptocurrency .

This event is a meet-up that brings together leading figures about the current status and future of PoS and staking.

[The Power of PoS in Osaka event details information]

  • Date: 2019 Year 10Moon10 Sun (Thursday) 19: 00 – 21: 45
  • Location: 3-(******, Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka) -18 Postal Service Welfare Shinsaibashi Building 203 “ Singularity Hive ''
  • Participation fee: Free
  • Ticket application (first come

    Name): https://singularityhive.connpass.com/event/147088 /

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