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Microsoft and JP Morgan announce partnership to deploy Quorum on Azu

マイクロソフトとJPモルガンが提携を発表 Azure上でQuorumのデプロイが可能に

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Microsoft has announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with a major general bank, JP Morgan, to promote corporate blockchain services.

Microsoft’s Cloud Services Azure customers will be able to deploy the commercial blockchain Quorum developed by JP Morgan on the platform.

Quorum, which calls itself “ Corporate Edition Etheriam, ” has been developed by JPMorgan’s Product Development Department staff and others, and it has become clear that the platform will be used for tokenization of gold last year.

While Quorum will be the first distributed ledger platform available on Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) , which competes with cloud services, already offers self-managed blockchains that integrate platforms such as Kaleido, Qtum and Hyperledger Fabric. doing.

On the other hand, Microsoft is also affiliated with SWIFT , which is being quoted as a rival to Ripple (Ripple), and the Japanese branch has announced a joint venture with ALIS (Alice) .

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