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Millionaire gives away huge sums of cash and bitcoin, sees the future in decentralized systems

Millionär verschenkt Unsummen von Bargeld und Bitcoin, sieht in dezentralen Systemen die Zukunft

Twitter Geld
The philanthropist Bill Pulte gives away a lot of money on Twitter

The Chief Executive Officer of Pulte Capital is the grandson of late billionaire William John Pulte, the founder and chairman of PulteGroup. This is one of the largest real estate companies in the US. He says peer-to-peer systems are the future.

To show his support, he gave away Bitcoin. As we know, this is a network that allows people to send money directly to each other across borders and without banks or financial platforms such as PayPal or Venmo.

The recipients of Pulte's charity include a diverse troupe. These include injured war veterans, a cancer patient, a poor family living in a car. In addition, teachers who have no money to buy teaching materials for their students.

We have decentralized philanthropy to become peer-to-peer, helping more people faster. I use my money to cross new borders. Come with us!”

The Twitter philanthropist says that by giving away money through social media, he can show people how easy it is to donate directly to needy people. He wants billionaires like beauty mogul Kylie Jenner on board.

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Pulte lives in Oakland County, Michigan. He launched his philanthropy campaign in July, giving cash to people in parking lots and giving free cars to strangers. He posted the videos on Twitter and watched his legion of fans pick up from five within five months 294. ***************************************************************************.

President Donald Trump helped him gain followers by showing his efforts to serve a military veteran (********************************************************************************). 000 Dollars repeated. At the 10. Trump retweeted him to his “Bill”

In August (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) “**********************).294 or a Give Bitcoin to someone who retweets this in the next I can reach you) “

At the 31. October, he tweeted:

a single mother of three, Scott, whose family has fallen behind because of her child's type 1 diabetes, and three other wonderful families. Thank you for your support.”

On Sunday, he offered to a random person who retweeted him, (**********************************************************************). .

With only (**********************************************************. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* He said the milestone will trigger a huge $ 1 million gift.


“I believe that if we give, if we sacrifice for others, we are the ones who benefit from it. I do that because it makes me happy and helps other people. There is simply no other way to express the same thing. ”

You can see the rules of Pulte here

Text proof: Dailyhodl, Image: Pixabay

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