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Minato City LAVENDER RING organized event “Minato City LAVENDER RING DAY 2019” was held. We also planned using block chain technology within the event

“Minato City LAVENDER RING DAY 2019” will be held on March 30, 2019 in Minato-ku, Tokyo as a festival of cancer survivors.

Minato-ku, Tokyo, where the event is held, is known as the place where local governments have for the first time worked on making communities to live with “cancer” and opened a facility to expand it.

Part of the program to be carried out at this event, it is said that tokens will be issued using block chain technology and efforts assuming experiments of activities within the community will also be conducted .

Minato City LAVENDER RING DAY 2019

Event overview

The era of medical technology in recent years to progress with living with cancer is coming, but when cancer survivors and families get cancer, they are faced with the problem of being lonely and hard to live positively.

One of the reasons for this is that there is no recognition that “there are people who live life even if they become cancer”, and “there are few opportunities for them to connect with society”.

The event “Minato City LAVENDER RING DAY 2019” to be held this time will be an event not only for the participants but also for the people of survivors and supporters to make connections with other participants.


Volunteer activities centered on Dentsu and Shiseido aiming to create a society where people can live with a smile even when they become cancer. It is a symbol of lavender color which is all cancer color. It was held for the first time in Tokyo in August 2017.

Specific for the realization of a society where volunteers volunteers who agree with the purport of activities such as companies and people, administration, schools, hospitals, etc. participate freely, bring each thing possible and live with a smile even when becoming cancer It is a place and activities where we will take action.

LAVENDER RING official website

Event Details

Program · Planning contents

① “MAKEUP & PHOTOS WITH SMILES (Supported by Shiseido)”

② “MAKEUP & PHOTOS WITH SMILES Photo Exhibition”


④ FUN WITH CANCER (provisional)

⑤ Connected by block chain · Spreading cancer Survivor’s wheel (temporary)

⑥ Cancer Karuta production

⑦Survivors group photo

⑧ Stage content

  • “Cover Make Seminar” Yamazaki Takako (Beauty Journalist) × Kazuki Aoki (Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Makeup Care List)
  • “LAVENDER AWARD Award Ceremony” Presenter: Nao Nakajima (Designer / 2018 Grand Prize)
  • “3D Printer Families Workshop Presentation Ceremony” Yohei Nishiguchi (Cancer Parents) × Participants and many other stage contents are planned.

Introduction of plan using block chains

This time, new attempts using block chains are introduced as one of the projects to be held at the event.

This project, which is called “chain connected by block chain · spreading cancer survivor’s wheel (provisional)”, is aimed at connecting each other unknown until the event through the event.

“” Issuing tokens using block chain technology and developing efforts assuming demonstration experiments of activities within the community in collaboration with the Dentsu International Information Service “”

The theme of expanding the community by tokens used within the community may be noted as one use case of block chain technology in the future.

Venue · date and time etc.

Venue: 6-2 Shirokanedai 4 – chome, Minato – ku, Tokyo “Yukashi no Shi / Ukare”

Date and time: Saturday, March 30, 2019 11: 00-18: 00

Organized by Minato-ku · LAVENDER RING

Participation Fee: Free

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