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MyEtherWallet Launches Ethereal's Block Chain Explo


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In CryptoTImes, we will introduce news related to cryptocurrency and other niche information overseas. I’m interested in Ethereum’s Layer 2 technology.

On March 11, MyEtherWallet (MEW), known as Ethereum’s wallet , launched EthVM Alpha, an open source blockchain explorer .

This launch is considered to be the alpha version of EthVM, and is on the Etherten’s Ropsten test net.

By using this blockchain explorer, the user can confirm all of the blockchain history, balance, smart contract, etc.


The UI is also very intuitive in design, but at the present stage it does not seem to support Japanese language like MEW (MyEtherWallet).

Similarly, Etherscan, which is another block chain explorer of Ethereum, is mentioned as a major competitor of EthVM, but EthVM that can be seamlessly integrated with wallet etc. in terms of UI and UX, and Etherscan with various functions such as ranking in terms of functions Are considered to be better .


Aldo Borrero, lead developer at EthVM Alpha, said of the launch

Ethereum has been developed to be an open, distributed platform. At EthVM, we aim to be a global community to expand and improve this great project, adhering to the same convictions.

Talked about its commitment to improving services with the community through open source.

Allows Fiat exchange and withdrawal from MyEtherWallet without KYC in Switzerland

Article Source: MEW (MyEtherWallet) Launches Open Source Blockchain Explorer for Ethereum

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