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NASA will consider introducing block chain technology to ensure the privacy and security of flight data! What?

Three points of this article!

· NASA will consider introducing block chain technology for flight data management

· Rice is ordered to publicly broadcast aircraft information from 2020, which may lead to security problems among stakeholders

· By introducing a system using smart contract etc., public data can be managed properly

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We have learned that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is considering introducing block chain technology as a means to secure the privacy and security of aircraft flight data.

Ronald Reishman, NASA’s aeronautical computer engineer, announced a paper that “Block chain technology and smart contracts can alleviate security problems of flight data”.

The US is ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to introduce a monitoring system (ADS – B) that publicly broadcasts information on the identity and location of aircraft from 2020.

According to Mr. Leissman’s paper, the introduction of this ADS – B system seems to pose security problems between countries and companies that have interests.

As a countermeasure to this problem, Mr. Leissman cited the prototype “ABI (Aviation Block Chain Infrastructure)” based on Hyperledger Fabric and Smart Contract.

By introducing ABI, aircraft state information such as altitude and latitude is a private channel, starting point, destination, flight path etc are controlled by the channel that all approved members can access.

(Image quotation: NASA)

NASA supports about 35 million yen for research on block chain technology which Akron University, Ohio, in last April.

This research team is working on the development of a program that enables computer systems to make decisions without human intervention using Enterprise Chain Block Chain Technology and Smart Contract technology, and aims to use it in a space explorer is.

NASA is facing a positive attitude to utilize block chain technology in space probes

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