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NEO forecast & amp; analysis


The NEO website states:

“NEO is a non-profit, community based blockchain project. It uses blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets through smart contracts. By using a decentralized network NEO wants to build a “smart economy”. “

NEO was founded in 2014 by Da Hong Fei, but at that time it was still called “Antshares”. Later it was renamed NEO. Generally it is also called the “Ethereum from China”. This analogy is handy for beginners, but a closer look reveals that NEO and Ethereum are quite different.

Thanks to its robust environment, NEO should be able to survive the bear market. This is also supported by the close ties with the Chinese government, the long history and strong community.

The NEO environment is growing fast and there are already more than 66 dApps on the platform. But compared to Ethereum, that is little. However, the average quality of dApps on NEO is much higher. This is probably due to the higher cost of publishing on NEO. There, a publication of a dApp costs 500 GAS, which corresponded to about 2,500 USD at the time of going to press. At peak times, a release on NEO even cost $ 37,000. On Ethereum, however, less than $ 100 is due in GAS.

NEO with Ontology and Elastos

NEO has also entered into two highly promising partnerships, one with ontology and one with elastos. Ontology bridges the gap and connects governments, businesses and individuals with NEO as the hub of the crypto industry. Ontology was created by the same parent company that created NEO (Onchain).

Elastos has set itself the goal of creating the infrastructure of a new Internet that should have a Blockchain operating system. This Internet should be more secure and enable the transfer of values.

On GitHub, Elastos writes:

Key features of the Smart Web are a virtual machine, runtime environments and trust zones provided by Elastos and Bitmain. It also includes the consensus that NEO allows, as well as customer identification capabilities via ontology. “

In addition, NEO also enjoys a very strong community. The community can generally be a very good indicator of whether a coin survives a bear market. Since the introduction of NEO, the community has grown a lot. The best known is an independent developer group called “City of Zion”, which realizes interesting projects at the NEO Blockchain. This includes the neon wallet (which I like very much). The NEO team is also particularly successful in attracting new talent by conducting community events around the world.

Finally, NEO, like Waltonchain, benefits from its close ties to the Chinese government. China will probably never allow foreign smart contract platforms to succeed on Chinese soil. These are ideal conditions for NEO. China prefers domestic (better controllable) technology and NEO is one of the government's favorites.

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Author: Peter Joost – Source Post: https://www.kryptovergleich.org/neo-prognose-analyse/

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