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New forecast: Monero and Bitcoin heading high, Ripple XRP and Stellar Lumens on crash cours


A new report assumes that the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero will increase significantly in the future. Bitcoin is not far behind. For Ripple XRP, the report foresaw a historic crash.

Bitcoin and Monero have a bright future ahead

The report is from the Satis Group. The company advises and researches in the area of ​​Initial Coin Offerings. In his reports, Satis is trying to predict what the crypto markets will look like in the next ten years.

The biggest winner in the latest report is Monero. Satis expects the cryptocurrency to reach $ 18,000 per coin over the next five years. That would be an increase of 18,200 percent from the current price, which was around $ 98 at the time of writing.

There is a reason for this positive prognosis. According to Satis, cryptocurrency valuation is unlikely to depend on decentralized apps (dApps) over the next decade. The same applies to other exciting use cases. Rather, Satis sees the penetration of Monero in offshore depots as relevant. As a cryptocurrency, Monero is not only uncensored, but also ideal for concealing transaction data. With its strong positioning in these areas, Monero is said to be among the top winners in the opinion of the Satis Group.

Also Bitcoin is in the opinion of Satis in front. The king of cryptocurrencies, the company sees over $ 96,000 in five years. The report states:

“(…) we continue to believe that Bitcoin will dominate the end market share with its network effect (…)”.

Other large cryptocurrencies that are forecasted to gain against the US dollar are Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.

Ripple XRP Rate Soon at $ 0.01?

Other cryptocurrencies are likely to implode, according to Satis. The analysts assume that Ripple XRP will lose 97 percent of its value over the next five years. A ripple XRP would then trade for about a US cent. That would be a catastrophic crash of the coin, which was once worth up to 3.84 USD. Cardano also faces such a fate, according to Satis. So the Cardano-Coin ADA is to lose 99 percent in value and finally only stand at $ 0.001. The same applies to Stellar, which is said to lose 91 percent of its value. Not to be spared, so Satis, also Bitcoin Cash and EOS. Their crash should not be so drastic, it is said. Nevertheless, one would only use Bitcoin Cash and EOS for daily trading and speculation.

Negative forecasts are stated in the report:

“(…) we continue to see little (…) value in networks that are misleading or not even needed on our own network (such as [ripple] XRP).”

Sources: Satis Group (Report), Cryptocurrency courses, Pixabay

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