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Newsflash: Bitcoin price indicator points to bull market, news on Ripple XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, EOS and Stella


Here's an overview of the topics that have moved the world of cryptocurrency in the last few days. It's about a Bitcoin indicator, new support for Stellar, a Litecoin story and other interesting topics.

Bitcoin Course

An indicator called “Market God” indicates a Bitcoin bull market. The indicator is a self-made tool by the Twitter user “Crypto Thies”, which has 24,000 followers on Twitter. In the past, the indicator had already successfully forecast the big Bitcoin sell-off of November 2018. For the first time since October 2016, the indicator has already been offering a buy recommendation for three weeks. At one time, a Bitcoin cost $ 500.

Market God Indicator 3w buy signal. The first since October 2016. $ BTC was $ 500. pic.twitter.com/oaqNZ7Q1h8

– Crypto Thies (@KingThies) March 16, 2019

However, not all traders believe that a bull market is imminent. Analyst DonAlt, for example, said he was waiting for Bitcoin to exceed at least $ 6,000. Only then could a real bull market begin.

Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP

Amir Sarhanghi is the Vice President of Ripples Product Division. In a recent interview, the Center for Data Innovation asked Sarhanghi about Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP. Among other things, it dealt with the question of why Ripples technology is particularly important for developing countries. Sarhanghi said,

“As we've seen at Ripple [Labs], the implementation of blockchain technology lowers costs and time to customers. This is particularly important for developing countries, where financial flexibility is limited. By leveraging blockchain and modern APIs, Ripple [Labs] enables financial institutions that are part of our network – RippleNet – to send money globally, instantly, and reliably – for a fraction of a cent. “

Next he explained:

“Financial institutions using xRapid – our product using [Ripple] XRP – save on average 40 to 70 percent of the cost they typically pay to expensive foreign exchange providers. The average duration of a payment with xRapid takes just over two minutes. Traditional cross-border payments usually take two to three days to complete. “

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Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin gave a lecture at the Ethereum Meetup in the Taiwanese capital Taipei. This is now available online on YouTube. The lecture is entitled “Scalable blockchains as data layers”. In it, Buterin gives detailed insights into layer 2 scaling solutions.


The Litecoin Foundation has searched Twitter for personal stories from users. Users should describe how Litecoin (LTC) has influenced their real life. In a particularly impressive response, the user reported to “bestformofmoney” how he used Litecoin to buy food for a child in Venezuela.

Do you have a compelling personal story about how #Litecoin has impacted your life? Whether it's sending money to loved ones in other countries, opening up new opportunities for your business, or anywhere in between, give us a shout – we'd love to hear about it! ⚡️

– Litecoin Foundation (@LTCFoundation) March 14, 2019


The founder and CEO of Block.one, Brendan Blumer, has been interviewed by “Chamber of Digital Commerce”. It was about the condition of the blockchain environment. He also discussed the implications of this for governments, regulations and digital commerce.


The Stellar team has announced that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now available on the Anchorage crypto storage platform.

Start-up Stellar is supported by Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and Polychain Capital. Stellar currently has a number of institutional investors who hold a “notable position” in the cryptocurrency field.

As we forcasted on yesterday's tweet, #TRON volume txn surpass $ 100 million on Mar 16, 5 times more than the sum of #ETH and # EOS.📈 # IAmDecentralized pic. twitter.com/MUpgEZTAtH

– DappReview (@dapp_review) March 17, 2019


DappReview has re-evaluated the numbers of Tron transactions. It was found that the traded volume of the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) on March 16 was five times higher than the volume of Ethereum and EOS taken together.

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