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Officially announced that CBOE intends not to handle bitcoin futures trading

The CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) issued a statement on the 14th, stating that it intends not to add bitcoin futures trading .

CFE currently deals with Bitcoin Futures Contract ($ XBT), but after March 2019 it will not renew and will expire in June this year.

The exchange announced in December last year the handling of bitcoin futures trading.

It became the first bitcoin futures product in the US, but may have been overwhelmed by the volume of bitcoin futures products offered by its competitor, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). It is being seen.

The CFE stated in the statement that he was rethinking the approach to cryptocurrency trading.

“The CFE will not add the CBOE Bitcoin Futures Contract ($ XBT) as of March 2019. CFE is re-thinking its approach to digital asset derivatives. While we do not handle additional XBT contracts, we are still able to trade currently listed XBT futures contracts. “

There is no change in the price of Bitcoin ($ BTC) from this announcement, and the response on SNS is also small.

CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) is a subsidiary of the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE), the world’s leading derivative exchange, and provides futures-based option trading.

In addition, CBOE re-submits the application for VanEck-Solid ETF in February this year, and in the future, attention will be focused on the acceptance or rejection of Bitcoin ETF.

CBOE Resubmits Application for VanEck-Solid Bitcoin ETF-CRYPTO TIMES

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