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Overstock Subsidiary Leads Funding of Voting Platforms Using Blockchain Technology

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Overstock subsidiary Medici Ventures (Medici Ventures) has successfully led a series A round of Voatz, a voting platform that uses blockchain technology, and successfully raised $ 7 million .

Voatz is developing technologies that allow people to participate in elections and other voting events from smartphones and tablets .

The company has partnered with Denver, Colorado, in March this year, and has introduced an absence voting system for military personnel and foreign residents in the city election in 2019 as a prototype, and achieved great results earlier this week.

The company’s performance is not limited to this time, and last year, we have succeeded in the same demonstration test for a total of 24 counties in West Virginia.

Voatz’s product is a combination of biometrics and blockchain technology , and the funds raised are said to be used to enhance the accessibility and practicality of the platform.

Medici Ventures, a major US mail-order / overstock subsidiary, focuses on investing in tZero and other blockchain-related businesses.

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